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Cohen’s family runs SNI, an industry chief in the bustling field of travel comfort products, selling 5 million pillows per year, numerous under the Clöudz brand. Truly, with an umlaut, though SNI is situated in Bensalem, Pa., outside Philadelphia. The smash-hit is the Clöudz Dual Comfort Micro bead Travel Neck Pillow  “Dual solace! Use it as lumbar support!” — accessible in excess of 30 design emphasizes, including camouflage and unicorn.

  • But even the pillow titan surrenders, “Individual struly scorn them.”
  • Though, he includes, “that is because they haven’t gave enough of the pillows a shot there.”
  • Apathy is uncommon, in light of an ongoing Facebook call out.
  • “Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever observed a slick one.”
  • “They never work and I never rest.” Also, “I have five of them.”
  • “Just bought another. I disdain them!”


This troublesome item, in the entirety of its plush, polystyrene micro bead wonder, encapsulates the existential suffering of economy air travel. In our fight against the pressure and spatial imperatives that aircraft have wrought, we have furnished ourselves with a woefully inadequate weapon — cumbersome, absurd and forgettable, with armies relinquished on plane seats and in packed storage rooms. The pillow is a side effect of what we ache for and a token of how far we miss the mark. It’s an update that we’re very darn tired. 

Adults look absurd dozing in public: slumping head, snapping jaw, wheezing, slobbering, mouth agape. (Kids are another issue. A dozing kid is a poem.) Travel pillows compound the indiscretion by encompassing the neck with a felt boa constrictor.They make a natural, assuming unseemly, act seems unnatural and shaking. In the quest for rest, Cohen says, “individuals get over the dread of looking absurd.”

Accomplish they work? Harvey Smith, an orthopedic surgeon and partner teacher at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, is suspicious — and there isn’t much accessible information. “This isn’t well-

explored, regarding how much support the neck needs while you’re resting,” he says. “Everybody has a feeling on governmental issues and religion. Everybody has a solid conclusion about what works for rest.”

Travel pillows, Smith says, are “not really downright awful. They will not cause any damage. I’m bemused by every one of these pillows.” Why do individuals use them? “Possibly it’s the group attitude. Perhaps it’s the misleading impact.” Smith doesn’t possess one.

The human head is a weighty burden, weighing around 10 pounds. Pundits — that is, contenders — caution that the standard travel pillow doesn’t offer sufficiently high side help to forestall parallel development, and virtually no support in the front, where it’s required when the jawline inclines forward. (Turning around a hard pillow chokes the neck.) The rounded back doesn’t adjust effectively with the seat back, and the pillow doesn’t pack for simple pressing (unless you have an inflatable one). It’s a hard task to get one pillow to fulfill every one of our needs.

“It’s the greatest contrivance on the planet,” says David Stern light, founder of Cabeau, which attempts to enhance the old model. “It resembles buying a cup with a gap in the base. I don’t understand why somebody would do that.”

10 years back, Ster night surveyed 2,500 travelers about the customary

best inflatable travel neck pillow“96 percent needed nothing to do with them,” Ster nlight says. “The other 4 percent said they bought them because ‘it’s superior to nothing,’ which isn’t the best underwriting on the planet.”

However today, it’s a contrivance purchased 100 million times annually, he gauges. What helps push deals is the pillow’s ubiquity, that crowd attitude and superstars ready to look as stupid as regular

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