Ben Edison
by on September 21, 2020
Keyword match types essentially help a search engine determine how close the searcher must use your terms before your business shows up in the search results. This is a way for you to more closely screen the audience that will click through to your website. The closer you require a match, the fewer clicks you'll get because the fewer people who will see your advertisement. However, having fewer viewers if they're highly targeted isn't a bad thing. There are different types of keyword matches that you can get. Broad Match This is the basic keyword type that is set up automatically by default. So, if you've chosen the keyword phrase, "yellow wooden ducks" when someone searches for any of those words a search could result. That means when someone searches for "yellow", "wooden" or "ducks", your property could appear in the search results. As you can see this isn't really very helpful. Broad Match Modifier Being able to modify the default of broad match is very helpful because you can eliminate searches of individual words like "yellow" and "wooden" and only include searches that include either all the words or different combinations of the words so that the searcher finds what they're looking for. Phrase Match You can also choose to have your search result only appear if the searcher enters the phrase within their search. So if someone typed in any words, but also "yellow wooden ducks" then your page will show up in the search results. Exact Match Of course, you can choose to have your property only show up with perfectly matched searches. So a searcher would have to type exactly as you typed it, "yellow wooden ducks" to find your property in the search results. Negative Match You can also further modify the keyword match type by including negative words. These are words that you do not want to use to find your property. The negative matches are words that if they use them to search will eliminate your search from the results. Content Match This is when a search engine matches the search query with the content on your website. That's why titles, tags, and ad text are important places to put keywords that people might use to find your products and/or services. These match types are how the search engine connects keywords that you bid on to the searches conducted by your audience. Refining keyword match types can take a non-performing ad campaign and breathe new life into it without changing anything about the ad, or even really the keywords. It's just all about the matching structure and including negative keyword matches into the mix to help trim the ad views down to size, allowing only the most qualified candidates to see the ad. Having a well-thought-out keyword marketing strategy is an important component of marketing online. Whether you are writing keyword-rich articles or buying PPC keywords and phrases, it's important to understand how it all works together so that you can spend your money effectively and experience a good return on investment.
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