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by on September 24, 2020

Infertility is on the rise among couples. The underlying issue can be anything - from health problems to lifestyle. This can come in the way of you conceiving and affect your emotional and mental well-being.

However, you can overcome the problem of infertility with the help of the modern fertility treatments available in the market today. There is a range of fertility clinics in New Delhi, which can help you conceive. So how do you choose?

Here are the three decisive points you must keep in mind when deciding on a fertility clinic in Delhi to achieve your dream of parenthood. 

1. The rate of success of the clinic

With a good number of fertility clinics offering infertility treatment in Delhi, you must review the clinic’s success rate before choosing one. Although the rate of success varies for every IVF centre, it is of utmost significance for you to understand that no fertility clinic can promise 100% success. You might come across some IVF centres in Delhi claiming very high success rates and guaranteeing pregnancy at the end of their treatment. In such cases, you must thoroughly go through their treatment procedures, the facilities provided, the doctors, and any other factor determining their claimed success rate. Go for a clinic that offers a genuine but realistic success rate and is backed by results to justify the same.

2. Services, specialists and facilities at the IVF centre 

IVF clinics in Delhi have an impressive standard of services and employ modern, efficient techniques. The crucial aspects of successful fertility treatments are the potency of technology used and the skills and experience of the doctors and embryologists. Before choosing a clinic for infertility treatment in Delhi, you must check if the clinic uses the latest technology and advanced techniques. Another critical factor in determining the success of the treatment is the team of doctors and specialists. Check if the doctors at the facility are renowned and experienced. They must be skilled and aware of the latest developments.

Check for reviews of the clinic to get acquainted with the experiences of previous patients. This ensures you have a positive experience throughout the process at the fertility clinic in New Delhi. 

3. Cost of the treatment 

Fertility clinics in Delhi cater to a growing number of couples facing infertility issues and help them achieve parenthood. While the overall success of the clinic and the effectiveness of their procedures are major elements, affordability also matters. The fertility treatment should be within your budget. You need to be very careful while scrutinizing the cost of the treatments and check thoroughly for hidden costs. Any additional cost you have not accounted for might come as a surprise when you are settling the bill and might inconvenience you. Hence, you must make detailed enquiries regarding the expenditure at all stages of the fertility treatment. 

These small precautionary steps will help you in choosing the best fertility clinic in Delhi and ensure a pleasant and fruitful journey towards pregnancy.

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