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by on October 8, 2020
Small businesses with limited staffing face plenty of problems while dealing with customers. A modern, advanced web-texting solution enables easy & reliable customer engagement.
Being a new & small business isn’t easy. A customer looks forward to interacting with a dynamic base of professionals, especially those who are prompt, smart, and professional. In this world of distinguished identities and submerged entities, it’s quite possible to fail at one point or the other.
With a business phone number texting facility, small businesses can engage their customers via SMS or MMS. Precisely, it’s a secure web-based portal with Unified Messaging number compatibility, ticketing, multiple user logins, and conversation history search to make it easygoing for companies.
What Are The Advantages of This Text-enabled System?
If you are a business, this business SMS system helps in multiple ways you can take help from:
Immediate software login to answer customer queries and engage in delightful conversations to convert into sales.
Set up an automated response for customer queries, which will answer them during off working hours.
Keyword-based transactions resolve diverse problems. For example, if a customer asks for the location, an automated response of the Google map address goes via text.
24x7 customer handling process via the simplest means of SMS or MMS.
Small businesses like restaurants or shops stand quickly profited by implementing this system at an affordable monthly/yearly price.
If you want to advance your customer engagement as such in the above, you must know about the Texting Concierge and Texting Concierge Pro (2-way Text) Service offered by Ivrnet, with prices starting at just $10/month.
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