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by on October 15, 2020

Whereas computers are created to make easiness and quickness in work, computers with the issue and slow speed make your whole work stuck. While you are expecting your work to be done on time and you are going to get free of it, and suddenly your computer stops working, how it would be to see your expectations ruined. However, these problems are common in computers, not getting fixed or not knowing these can make you more frustrating. Therefore, you should be prepared for sudden faults, so that you can handle it peacefully rather than being frustrated.

Power Off

Suddenly, your computer isn’t getting any power and turned off. It is a more common problem and can be solved without any hassles. As you know every computer has power supplying cables, without thinking about any other thing, you should check power cables. It might get loosened. You should plug it off and again plug it in properly. If it’s not working still, its power cables might have gotten fault. Stepping down or up of voltages can blank out the power cable, or there can be any other reason for its fault.

So, you should change a cable or just exchange it with the LCD’s power cable to just check whether it’s faulty or there is any other problem. I f you are unable to find a problem, you should consider finding an affordable computer repairs for Melbourne service.

Getting DLL Files Error

It’s also the most common and abusing error of the operating system. While you are working on your favorite software, and you suddenly get a DLL file missing error while reopening, you are just going to hit your head. Commonly, DLL files are directories files that receive commands and operate your different applications. Sometimes, these get deleted or corrupted. The most possible and instant solution for you can be to download that specific file and store it in system folders. If it’s not working still, you should try to reinstall the software that is getting error. These are possible solutions that you can do and will probably work.


Overheating is a serious problem that you shouldn’t ignore. While you are working on your pc at home or at the office, several factors can cause an overheating problem. However, the computer has processing components that usually generate heat while running; overheating is not a good sign. If your computer is having a heating issue along with noises, these can be a serious problem in the motherboard of any other component that can damage PC's components very badly. Therefore, if you are having this issue continuously, you should consider finding a pc repairs for your home or business and make sure service is affordable computer repairs for Melbourne.

Working Slow

This problem is found commonly in many computers. Slow running computers are more irritating than not working ones. This problem can be because of a lot of burden of files on your hard disk, or just your PC's components have got Weak. You should look for affordable computer repairs for Melbourne service for a quick checkup so that you can continue your work.

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