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by on March 24, 2017
Many people are not aware of the precautions, they require to secure their email accounts. Cyberpunks are taking advantage of that. To hack an unsecured account, the hackers don’t need to put much effort to hack people’s email accounts, even if they belong to Government officials. You can make your account secure by taking these safety tips, which are given below.

Configure a Strong Password

Measures you should take to safeguard your Yahoo account
You can make difficult for the hackers by making your base password stronger. The more difficult and lengthy a password is, the harder it will be for the cyberpunks to guess.

Though, tougher passwords are also not easy to remember. But, there are some tips by which you can easily remember your passwords. Don’t use your name, kids names, birthdays or any other personal information for the password. Hackers usually check Facebook or other social media sites for the clues to hack password. Don’t use the common phrase of words, which is easy to guess by the hackers.
You can set strong passwords by inserting symbols, upper and lowercase letter or numbers also. You can also configure long phrase and don’t use simple English words, which are generally found in dictionaries and very difficult to guess.

Don’t use Same Passwords

Many accounts get hacked due to the same password have been used to their email, social or other financial accounts. We advise you not to configure the same password for your different accounts. If one of the accounts gets compromised, then your other accounts are also not safe. They can also be hacked easily. So, you need to change it immediately if you had configured the same password for your accounts.

Use Password Manager

You can make this task easier by using password manager services. With the help of Password managers, you can keep a record of all your complex passwords of your different accounts. Some web browsers such as Apple and Google Chrome have built-in password managers; these works even if you switch devices but not the browsers.
Password Managers help you to save your all passwords in one program. You just need to remember the password of your Password Manager application, which is very important. If you lost it, you’re all password will be lost forever and then you need to recover the password of all your online accounts.

Use two-step authentication
You can also use Two-step verification method to secure your account. In this while sign in, you need to verify again after entering your account credentials to get into the account. Yahoo will ask you to enter a confirmation code sent to your linked phone number to login your account.

These are some important information, which will definitely help you to safeguard your account from hackers. To know more, you can take support from the autonomous service providers by dialing 24*7 Yahoo Toll-Free Number , which is available online.available online.
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