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If you do not like, you can use each type with different uses. Cu Lao Cham Tour You can lie down and sunbathe on the beach all day or go camping. at night with family and friends. Although tourism is developing, Cu Lao Cham still retains a wild and peaceful character both in the natural setting and in the daily life of people

According to the experience of residents On the island, the best time to go picking leaves is early in the morning, when the sun is not yet rising. If you have the opportunity to come here at the time of the festival, you will feel the beliefs of the fishermen, and also see the rich cultural nuances of the inhabitants of Cu Lao Cham island. The mother was shocked to see that her feet were amazingly healthy

Bai Lay is known as a coral reef because there are so many colorful corals here. With the use of cooling, soothing fatigue, summer heat, detoxification, increased fitness, fighting colds in winter, there are even types that are handed down to help prevent cancer, so the islanders begin have a habit of picking on daily use. Homestay in Cu Lao Cham concentrates mainly in the Bai Lang area and the price ranges from 150,000 VND - 200,000 VND / person or 400,000 VND / room for 2 people

The old story says that Mr. Boss Cai in Bai The village has a daughter who has just been born for more than a year, but the legs are crossed, so they can't stand up to send his wife here to stay overnight in the boat, pleading and swearing. This bridge is not only a "check-in" place for tourists but also plays an extremely important role in communication with the mainland. Then, on every step back to the mainland, remember the scent of sticky rice and thorns leaves in the middle of the earth

Xom Cam Well has a tubular shape with round well wall and well-shaped well background. square, with a square in each corner. Coming to Cu Lao Cham, tea leaves of Lao will help you feel more clearly the taste of the island and the special effects of this drink Stay at Hai Tang Pagoda - the only temple in Cu Lao Cham Beach, when you stop by Here, in addition to worshiping and learning about the history of the pagoda, visitors can also sit down on a linden tree root resort in front of the yard to enjoy a glass of delicious forest leaves prepared by Mr. Tu himself - the temple's keeper to entertain local tourists far away when visiting the temple. With a strange name, fancy shape, this type of snail makes many people want to be curious and learn.

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