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by on October 21, 2020

Blog readership is much wider than we think it is. According to the stats on readership, an estimated 77% of internet users read or subscribe to written content. Some do it to get the answers to their questions.


But, the majority of users read blogs to stay updated, learn something, or to stay entertained. So, the scope for a good blog post is wider than any other form of content on the web.


You can get the benefits of this huge readership. You must know how to produce content that gives value to the reader. Less than 32% of bloggers use a proper content strategy to increase content performance.


So, this gives you even more space to outrank other content. You need to integrate the best content strategies and produce valuable content.


Here are the content market's five best ways to write content. Content that can give a huge boost to your content performance. 


1.    Write Strong Headlines That Follows 3-30-3 Rule


Thanks to the huge success of blogging, we now have more than 500 million blog posts on the internet. The number is still increasing.


So, there is always a better choice available for the reader. And if you want to grab the attention of your reader in this competition, you will get 3 seconds!


Yes! That is correct. Your blog headline will get 3 seconds to attract the user's attention before he or she moves to another choice. But the competition doesn’t end here.


Your headline has successfully invited the reader to your blog post? Well, good job.


Now you will get 30 seconds. If a blog doesn't offer them the right answers or fails to attract them, then your blog failed to provide value to its reader.


The final step of the process is user engagement. Now you will get 3 minute time.


If your content provides value and keeps them on your blog longer than 3 minutes, then you get the golden advantage! You can convert your readers into monetizable leads!


2.    Write Content That Follows Five Ws Rule


Every time someone searches for a query, they have particular search intent. And your content should convince the user that they landed on the right page.


The Five Ws rule is the key to convince users from the point they start reading your blog. 


Five Ws of user intent are Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Let’s see how you can integrate it:


  1. Who: Identify the subject of search intent. So that the reader gets the assurance that they are in right place.


  1. What: Identify factors and features of the subject that relates to the reader’s query.


  1. When: Identify the cause or situation that conveys its importance and role.


  1. Where: Identify the answer to their query and guide them to the solution.


  1. Why: Identify the reason why they should follow the advice or procedure. Give them statistical proof to add trust in your guidance.


3.    Get Inspired From Industry Leading Blogs


Writing and ranking are two different things. If you are writing for ranking then writing for industry-leading topics is a good idea.


To start with this:


  1. You need to pick some innovative blog publishing companies.
  2. Subscribe to their newsletters.
  3. Studying their topics and reading their industry-leading content can give you inspiration for your next blog!


You can choose to write on a similar topic. Try to include the topics or sub-topics that they have missed or not yet covered. Identify the gaps in their content. Fix it with your research to produce more valuable content.


Some of these points could be:


  1. More helpful infographics
  2. Up to date information data
  3. Your own research insights
  4. Present subject from a unique point of view


You can use Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique to present a similar idea in a much better way!


4.    Brainstorm With Google To Identify Audience Interest


If you are starting from the point zero, you will not have researched relatable reference data to choose the best topic. But, you can fill that gap to some extent with Google Trends.


You can use Google Autocomplete in google search to get some idea about what's trending. This is like brainstorming with all those people who are searching for the same query on the internet. 


This strategy will help you choose the top demand topics. If you deliver valuable content on a trendy topic then your chances of getting a high readership will be much higher.


Note: The study shows that 54% of successful blogs have one or more media items (Image, Audio, or Video). It is to increase reader friendliness of their content.


5.    Outsource To Guarantee Value


Search engines, more specifically Google, prefer value over quantity. So, if you are producing tons of blogs that are not giving value, even the best SEO practices cannot boost your ranking.


You need to understand SEO and writing practices to master value content production. It is a time-consuming task and these practices need regular updates. So, learning never ends here.


But, outsourcing can be a great content hack technique for your blog. Studies show that content outsourcing has become extremely common among bloggers.


Content writing can easily be outsourced to the reputed content writing company or you can find different companies through different directories where you can find a best content writing agency.


  • Less than 25% of bloggers produce their own content without outsourcing practices.
  • 64% of content creators or B2B marketers outsource their content to achieve the best results.


To be in the race with 152 million blogs and one blog per 0.5 seconds stats, you need to have a strong content strategy. So, outsourcing can be a smart way to power up your marketing to boost your SEO practices. It will skyrocket your audience engagement and blog performance.



These five ways of content production can help you boost your content rankings dramatically. The first pillar of content creation is delivering value to the reader. When you master it, the next phases of ranking will automatically become smoother.

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