by on October 22, 2020
Sex toys like nothing else can bring variety to the sexual life of a couple, improve its quality and open new facets of pleasure. A sex toy can be a great gift for New Year, Birthday or Valentine's Day. But choosing an intimate toy as a gift is quite a difficult task, if you make a mistake, the effect will be the opposite a girl may get offended and even begin to complex intimate life. To avoid this, use our advice. First of all, it is worth to watch your girlfriend carefully during sex for a while to determine exactly which stimulation she likes most, which leads to the onset of orgasm whether she needs stimulation of the clitoris, anal stimulation or whether she loves stimulation of point G. If your girlfriend doesn't get a vaginal orgasm, it makes no sense to give her toys without stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot. Such a toy will not bring pleasure and will say that you are not attentive to her desires. As a rule, most women get orgasm from the stimulation of the clitoris, so buying a stimulant clitoris is almost a win-win situation. Especially if it is a Womanaizer. Also, various accessories for the MDBM may become an option for a gift. They will be interesting if a girl likes hard sex, fixation, bites, pinches, etc. QUALITY TOYS You should not buy cheap primitive toys as a gift, it is very likely that such a gift will only disappoint and create bias from sex toys in principle. In addition, some materials may cause an allergic reaction. It is better to buy a quality toy from a famous manufacturer. Such brands as Womanizer are quite famous and respected. Most of them are made of medical silicone, they are functional, have high power and amaze with their sophistication and elegance. Such a gift is not a shame to brag to your girlfriend and it is simply impossible to resist to try it in practice, even if you have a certain bias against the use of intuitive products. WHAT IS NOT WORTH BUYING? First of all, we do not recommend buying dildos as a gift. It does not matter at all how long you have known each other or how close your relationship is. A fall imitator gift from a partner is completely useless, because even the best artificial member will be significantly inferior to a real member. The only relatively acceptable option is the penis casting kit. But it is more of a fun joke and a reason for a piquant entertainment for two. Another rather controversial gift is anal toys. You should not buy them as a kind of hint at your desires. This can be misinterpreted and the gift will be a reason for offense. Anal toys are suitable only in case when a girl loves and enjoys practicing anal sex. In this case, it is better to buy something elegant and beautiful, such as an anal cap made of glass or an anal decoration with rhinestones. And do not forget to add quality anal grease to your gift. Source:
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