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Ba Na Ghost Festival Right on the top of Chua Mountain, each year Halloween is reappeared with a different style, each year has a different charm. It is known that to prepare for the return of visitors, Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area has implemented a strict and comprehensive disinfection. 000 people, mostly French and Vietnamese officials

The next day Linh Ung Ba Na Hill is to visit the nearby Deer Park and Quan Am Garden. Coming to the Golden Bridge, young people are free to pose for the best poses, every corner of the Golden Bridge is also beautiful and mysterious. With a large area and many attractive tourist attractions and games, you should bring a comfortable pair of shoes for convenient travel! Da Nang Booking has just provided information about Ba Na Hills travel experience full from the latest A to Z

When Sơn Tinh and Mỵ Nương, by order of Ngọc Hoàng to return to heaven to become two immortal saints, La Bình was also named Thuong Ngan princess, replacing his father. Consider all the mountain caves, the midlands, hills and beaches of our country. Hoi An Tour - Ba Na Hills In 1901, Governor of Indochina Paul Doumer wanted to find a a place similar to Da Lat to build resorts, resorts, and cure diseases for French officials, soldiers and officers. Wish you have a complete fun trip at Ba Na Hills and have interesting experiences when traveling to Da Nang

No need to go far, eat the world right at Sun World Ba Na Hills - Photo 1. 368 meters; The cable line has the longest total length of cable is 11. Tram Vu Tra Quan Hidden behind the old French village, Tru Vu Tra Quan is the place where you will have to stop in awe when you have the opportunity to pass

All have created an extremely unique Ba Na Hills, making any visitor who has come, cannot afford to walk. Occasionally, the sound of the temple bell coming from the Bell Floor makes people's hearts more peaceful. After restoration, the road will only serve forest rangers, fire protection and transportation of construction materials and necessities for Ba Na tourist area, as an emergency exit in case of an incident < / p>

French Village Ba Na Hills at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang < / strong>
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