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Since then, the resort has fallen into disrepair and has been covered in oblivion by forest trees for nearly half a century. Taxi prices from Da Nang to Ba Na fall around 350. Rain in Ba Na often comes and goes very quickly, then the sky is clear, white clouds float in the middle of the mountain, creating a feeling like a magical fairy flower.

Le Jardin d'amour is also known as the flower garden of love, stretching from the east to the west slope of Ba Na Hills. Hundreds of actors from all over the world make Ba Na the land of the festival with unique art performances, from dance, singing, circus, magic, makeup, walking on stilts ... Thousands blooming flowers blooming all over the streets, the green and red doors full of life, the bustling music emanating from the cake-scented restaurants, the streets recreating a busy ancient Europe ... That makes Ba Na become the kingdom of dreams and smiles. It is an extremely interesting and attractive micro-play spot for tourists

Beverage services, fast food, snacks: cakes, ice cream, and snacks at retailers are quite expensive. In the midst of the hot heat of Da Nang city up to 37oC in summer, the average temperature in Ba Na is about 18oC, the lowest temperature is 2oC in winter and the highest is 25oC in summer. To build these works, 60 hectares of forest have been flattened

On Ba Na, there are currently 3 luxury hotels, each with its own characteristics that suit different preferences of each traveler. guest. Beer Plaza - German culinary restaurant Address: Located on the square in the French village in the campus of Ba Na tourist area. Opened in July 2009, the Debay - Morin cable car has a round cabin system, ensuring safety on high mountainous terrain without fear of bad weather, storms

If you like the tranquility, going on vacation in Ba Na then go in spring (from January to March), this is the low season, cool weather helps you fully enjoy the beauty of her. Na Hills. Sun World Ba Na Hills Customers who bought tickets during the resort closed It will remain valid for 6 months from the date of reopening. In case customers do not want to renew and request a refund, the resort will refund the purchased ticket. VND 000 round-trip (waiting time 4 hours)

Debay Wine Cellar at Ba Na Hills at Da Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang
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