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206m2 is located on the east side of Ba Na mountain. Before that, Ba Na tourist area announced to be temporarily closed from March 28 due to the influence of Covid-19 epidemic. With an average height of more than 800m, a slope of 25o to 35o, all create a typical landscape of monsoon tropical forest ecosystem

000 VND / person Food: Menu more than 100 dishes with bold Chinese dishes such as Beijing roast duck, Guangdong chicken, Grilled ribs with Kinh Do sauce, Dimsum 6 dishes. But we were convinced by the determination of the leaders and especially the people of Da Nang city at that time. 15h45: End and leave Ba Na by the third cable line, this is a cable car with the length and height of 4 world records

From May to September, Ba Na plays big with the festival B'estival beer, one Oktoberfest edition. The number of visitors to Ba Na is still modest compared to other major amusement parks in the world that welcome 20 million visitors a year. As the road leading from Marseille station to Thien Thai garden and Le Jardin D'Amour flower garden, Golden Bridge was voted one of the 28 most beautiful bridges in the world by the American news site Insider

by mountain train (starting at 8:00 am, there is one trip every 15 minutes and ends at 18:00 every day. Guide to Ba Na Hills Tour Book The whole land of Golden Bridge is lit up by colorful fluttering flags, by jubilant dances, by vibrant music, and by the" great "overly noisy" migration of the "pumpkin legion". The accompanying condition for the opening is that from now until April 29, Vietnam does not incur no secondary infections in the community

Beer Plaza - German cuisine restaurant Address: Located on the square in the French village in the campus of Ba Na tourist area.If you want to save money, you should book a hotel near My Khe beach. 000 VND (not yet VAT)

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