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by on October 25, 2020

The pagoda has a majestic 27m-high white statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, this white statue can be seen from Da Nang city on sunny days. The tunnel wall is built of mountain stone and mortar made from a mixture of sugar and litsea sap - a popular tree in Quang Nam - Da Nang. Hundreds of actors from all over the world turn Ba Na into the land of the festival with unique art performances, from dance, singing, circus, magic, makeup, walking on stilts ... Thousands Flowers blooming blooming all over the streets, the green and red doors full of life, bustling music emanating from the cake-scented restaurants, the streets recreating a busy ancient Europe ... So much that makes Ba Na become the kingdom of dreams and smiles

This time is summer, Ba Na is the busiest bus of the year with the number of long-term vacationers. Enjoy a 30-course buffet lunch at Morin restaurant for 180. Since this time is less dew, vibrant and bustling, you will be less bored

Residents of the quirky village These are pumpkins of all shapes and shapes. Coming to Le Jardin d’amour flower garden, you will be overwhelmed by the thousands of flowers from tropical to temperate arranged in an extremely magnificent artistic shape. From Du Dôme square in the middle of the French village to Le Jardin d'Amour flower garden are filled with the flowers of the Netherlands

On the top of the mountain there are almost all services: Guests hotel, restaurant, cinema, cellar, tennis court, post office, hospital, church. Golden Bridge consists of 8 spans, 7 pillars and 2 abutments with a total length of 150m. In the first week of reopening after the Covid-19 epidemic, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills resort - Da Nang was arranged with a red flag with a yellow star fluttering, creating a brilliant check-in scene

The hotel here only allows check-in at 2pm and check-out at 11am so if you get up earlier, you must wait. Buffet Ba Na Hills Ba Na Hills during the festival will definitely make the footsteps of visitors? not getting lost, then want to enjoy more delicious dishes, want to stay in Ba Na longer to "get drunk" with German yeast, get drunk on the bustling festival space, jubilantly between the castle Ancient beautiful like from a fairy step out. Fantasy Park is based on the novel "Journey to the center of the earth" and "Twenty thousand miles under the sea" by French writer Jules Verne with a series of fun word games for children to thrilling challenges for young people and adults

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