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TREO DE BAY - MORIN CABLE LINE Debay - Morin is the shortest of the cable car systems in Ba Na Hills, with a length of only 690m, including 17 cabins. An artery road from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is 15 km long, paved, facilitating the transportation of materials to the construction of facilities on the top of the mountain. In February and March, Ba Na is a gentle Dutch girl with vibrant colors during the Tulip Festival

In the end, everyone goes looking for happiness, and experiences. travel creates that. This time is summer, Ba Na is the busiest of the year with the number of long-term vacationers. The transformation of the Asian Park model has also brought a new look to the park and many new experiences, attracting not only visitors to Danang but also the people of the city

Sharing with us about this unique idea of organizing this unique festival, Mr. Nguyen Lam An, Director of Sun World Ba Na Hills Tourist Area said: "After Covid-19, when Vietnam could not reopen routes abroad, visitors will miss the trips to the world famous tourist countries. Cable hanging at Ba Na Hills 000 VND / adult, reduced to 300. Debay Ba Na Hotel - The quietest hotel Address: Debay Station on top of Ba Na Price from 1

< p> 000 VND / adult and 650. In April 1901, he discovered "Nui Chua" (ie Ba Na), a high mountain with relatively flat terrain, pleasant semi-temperate climate, cool Similar to Da Lat and only 46 km west of Da Nang city. We understand, there will be e At first, Da Nang has just passed the stormy days of being an epidemic, but with the victories before the second epidemic of the city, with active anti-epidemic measures in place to ensure security. For visitors from the moment they arrive at the resort to during their visit here, we believe that you will have a safe and comfortable journey in Ba Na ”

< p> During the rainy season, all electrical appliances must be replaced because of moisture and lightning. In front of the pagoda is a rare three-leaf pine tree listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. I still remember the opening of the cable car, March 25, 2009, on the newly opened road to the tourist area, the workers were sleeping on both sides of the road

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