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by on October 25, 2020

According to the representative of the tourism area, this has the meaning of expressing pride and love for Da Nang, to the Vietnamese Fatherland after the victories against Covid-19. Ba Na Hills French Village Accordingly, from the proposal of the Cable Car Service Joint Stock Company Na, Chairman of Da Nang City People's Committee agreed to open Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area (Hoa Vang district) from April 30. Some Notes when going to Ba Na Hills Danang Food and drink on the mountain are very expensive and there are few options, so if you want to save money, you should bring water and food

Even in the first pictures, fans easily recognize the magnificent French village space, bold European style of Sun World Ba Na Hills. SUOU Mo - BA Na CABLE LINE On March 25, 2009, Ba Na Hills tourist area put into operation the first one-wire cable car system named Suoi Mo - Ba Na. Coming to the French Village, you feel like lost in a fairy tale paradise amidst the fanciful mist of ancient castles

000 VND / person in the evening. The tunnel wall is built of mountain stone and mortar made from a mixture of sugar and litsea sap - a popular tree in Quang Nam - Da Nang. VND 000 / person Children (height 1m - 1

The average high humidity always reaches over 93% so fog often appears in the afternoon and after going rains. Toc Tien is beautiful with 9 floors of cascades overlapping creating a white foam scene, visitors will be impressed with the majestic waterfall and surrounded by extremely rich and diverse fauna and flora. can use birth certificate or household registration, passport

Rainy season, sometimes up to 99% humidity, the wall is always soaked. From May to September, Ba Na played big with B'estival Beer Festival, an Oktoberfest version, step on the Golden Bridge, admire the scenery of the mountains and mountains, clouds floating at the feet, people suddenly feel too small in front of nature, before creation

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