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by on October 26, 2020
YouTube, a social media platform in which we can find various and number of videos related to Education, Entertainment, News updates, Fashion, Gaming and many others.

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It also provides the opportunity to get taught from professionals and also to spread our knowledge in order to help others. In every minute some hundred’s of videos are getting uploaded every day.

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Coming to the views and subscribers, as there are many viewers on YouTube. Some of them watch videos based on the Trend, while some of them may search for a particular video which they want to watch. In this, we have two categories who watch the videos on YouTube.

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They are “Active Viewers” and “Inactive Viewers”. The active viewers are the one who watches the videos and interact with the people. And the inactive viewers are the one who just watches the videos and they don’t interact with anyone.

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Here, we get to benefit from the active viewers because they watch the uploaded videos, interact with the people, shares the opinion on the videos and at last they viral the videos which helps others who are in need.

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As the videos get viral by active viewers, it not only helps others but, in turn, it also helps the vlogger to increase his/her earnings by more number of views and subscribers. By this, the vlogger gets encouraged and uploads more and more videos.

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By increasing viewers and subscribers: • Brings Social Authority The best thing about any social media and YouTube subscribers is that it not only shows a significant number of followers but also brings our social influence on the top.

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It shows people that watching our video is worth their time; they will get to know something interesting, informative and useful.

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• It will boost confidence Well, how do you feel when you stand up alone on a stage, without anyone with you? Showing your talent, I know it feels awkward!

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• Brings your search position up The more subscribers you have, the more they will watch the video, the more the channel goes viral and the more its rank will come up on YouTube and search engine results.

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As there are many applications available in the play store as well as many websites offer views and subscribers for YouTube by paying money. As a vlogger will make videos in an innovative way with much efforts to attract the viewers, which tend them to watch videos.

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With this there is no need for a vlogger to buy views and subscribers, the channel grows automatically as videos get viral. But in some cases even though if a vlogger makes videos with many efforts there seem to be no views and so vlogger gets discouraged, hence vlogger will buy the viewers to increase channel growth.

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It is gradually becoming harder to attract viewers as YouTube becomes more drenched to your content and getting views on your channel. Ultimately, buying YouTube views has become an increasingly popular way of getting more viewers quickly and without any difficulty.

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So, finally, I would like to say that, buying YouTube views can be harmful at times, but always go for genuine growth.

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