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by on October 27, 2020

Lots of people join the Forex market because of the potential to earn money. They think that it is very easy to make big profits from trading. It is true that one can indeed make a huge amount of money from the Forex market, but the situation can reverse. In fact, one can also lose everything in trading. That’s why it is better to set a few goals before entering the market.

Two Wrong Perception of a Newbie Forex Trader

Expert traders always suggest the young and relatively new traders eliminate the following wrong perception about the trade market –

1.     Unrealistic expectations

It has been observed that when it is about starting a career in option trading, beginners expect to earn a huge amount of money overnight, which is indeed a silly thought, impossible as well. Nobody can earn a huge sum of money within a day quitting the job. This is one of the biggest wrong perceptions of retailers.

2.     The need to trade

Once your expectations become too high, the need for trading becomes higher as well. This is why experts recommend reducing expectations. Traders with smaller accounts and positions may gain smaller profits, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t take bigger risks. Taking a greater risk will result in serious consequences if the market gets crashed. Online options trading requires special risk management skills. Make sure you never trade with high risk in any stage of your life.

Things to avoid while setting trading goals

1.     Return goals (weekly or daily)

There are lots of retailers who want to produce a minimum of 3% every week. They calculate that the percentage will help them to achieve their aims within a short time. These goals are the worst because it generates the needs for trading. This kind of traders can never reach their goals, and most of the time, they end up in losing all the money that they have. Remember that no one can control the market. You can only predict the next move, but controlling the market is nearly impossible.

2.     X points in every week

When a new retailer visits a few trading forums, they will see that there many people who are searching for several methods, which can help them to make approximately 100 pips every week. These traders can easily handle the problem from any side, but you should remember that pips are meaningless. Retailers who set these points related goals can hardly win any trades. Sometimes, they try to get the trades desperately, which could lead to losses.

The goals to set up for Forex market

These are the four goals that a retailer should set up while trading in the Forex market –

1.     Execution

This is known as the process adjusted mindset, where the trader can separate himself from the final result of the business. He only concentrates on making a few best trades. This kind of trader always follows the rules and regulations of their trading strategy. It is very important if anyone wants to improve his skills as a trader.

2.     Routine

Lots of traders feel that it is not so necessary to trade in a disciplined manner. In addition to this, the trader should also abide by the routine and practice regularly. This is called professionalism in the Forex market. Retailers, who follow a regular routine, surely succeed in the trading platforms.

3.     Habits for a routine

Habits of making a routine are related to the previous point because when you have a routine, try to follow it strictly. But when you don’t have one to follow, what should you do?

This is why experts opine that newbie retailers should always follow the routine, and if they don’t have one, they should have the habit to form one. A retailer can set up a few hours to recap his previous trading, and he can also build a few trading plans to advance.

4.     Concentrate on the progress

This is the most important goal for beginners because after seeing some profits in the market, new business people become over-confident, and if they fail, they become frustrated. This goal is important for those people who run their business with smaller business accounts.


Newbies become very frustrated after being failed in trading, and this scenario is pretty common in the business. These goals will help youto concentrate on the trading strategies and following a strict routine to gain success gradually.

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