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by on October 29, 2020

This is the largest bronze statue in Southeast Asia, cast by hand crafted by artisans in Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province. Children from over 1m3 charge tour as adults. This is also a very sweet and special "thank you" of the mountain genie hot spring park dedicated exclusively to visitors who come, stay, visit and admire

Spring Park Nui Than Tai hot mineral was put into operation from April 2016. Nui Than Tai Tour 13:00: HDv gather the group to continue the journey to explore the nature of God of Fortune Mountain. The Statue of Than Tai (Than Tai Temple) started being cast on June 16, 2017 and completed on September 18, 2017 at the hands of more than 20 artisans in the bronze casting village in Lam town, Y Yen, Nam. The virtual reality game

will officially go into operation for free from the beginning of 2019. Here are the essential notes in your trip to the mountain of fortune. In addition to the basic services included in the entrance ticket, Nui Than Tai Da Nang also offers many other high-end services for visitors to choose from

Photo: Binh Chau hotspring resort. Coming to this fairyland place, you can enjoy enjoying the cool, fresh atmosphere and colorful flowers blooming everywhere. Located in Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park, surrounded by majestic forests and cool streams

, this is also the premise for two "bar" hills. Dragon White Tiger "with the meaning of protecting the gas source that brings prosperity, prosperity and health to people. Since then, toads tamed under the ocean's control, specializing in releasing gold coins to help poor people. You can get a cheaper price but the quality is definitely not guaranteed

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