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by on October 29, 2020

The pick up location will be in the center of Da Nang city or on the convenient route of the group. Temple of mountain god both symbolizes height and is the center point. Dragons and turtles are two species of the quartet, so the dragon-headed turtle is a very sacred animal

Just a short walk, you will have many beautiful moments. Memorable. Da Nang Booking would like to thank and see you in the next post! Nui Than Tai is famous for its majestic Hot Spring Park Tourist Area and charming, romantic scenery is definitely a wise choice for your upcoming trip with family and friends. But what makes the most difference at Ebisu hotel, is the bathroom system with the perfect combination of modernity and luxury

can instead bring fruit , prepared foods to eat when hungry. Green tea will reduce pimples, while helping the skin to become smooth and soft. eat buffet on the one day god mountain tour of god of wealth hot spring tour currently only has 1 red dragon restaurant serving food for tourists

quality commitment in the mountain tour 1-day fortune of operation motto "Your satisfaction is our pleasure". Da Nang Booking - Nui Than Tai "Ebisu" means Than Tai in Japanese, This is the symbol of the luck that heaven and earth have bestowed on this place, as well as the mind that will bring you lucky fortune when visiting and resting at this place. It all looks like a picture of a romantic, charming landscape

the company commits to the mountain of god of wealth in particular and Danang tour in general: ✔ high quality new car , from 16 - 30 seats ready to serve you in person. Operated in May, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh quickly became a "resort phenomenon" in the North. God fortune mountain tour Da Nang enjoy longevity eggs in the 13h30 god mountain tour: the whole group moves to the dinosaur park where the most attractive place for children

1 day Than Tai Mountain Tour at Danang Booking or Tour Da Nang
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