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by on November 3, 2020

There are two kinds of drivers when it comes to a vehicle. The first one who lives with the mystery of the availability of the third pedal and the other ones are those who just love the existence of the third pedal. Those who are aware of the reason for the existence of the third pedal, they know the importance that it holds. The clutch helps you to not get near any vehicle on the road and also helps you to save your bucks on fuel. The clutch also supports the spins of flywheels over the engine and helps you make easy gear shifts.

It can be a tough situation for you in case the clutch of your vehicle stops working. You won’t be able to shift your vehicle in the right direction and this can cause really big accidents. In short, it will invite your own misfortune if you decide to drive your vehicle with a failed clutch. There are always some signals that your vehicle gives you if there’s anything wrong with any part of your vehicle. Let’s dive in and acknowledge some of those signals so that you can always understand the situation if your vehicles show you the same symptoms.


As mentioned above, all you have to do is to be careful when it comes to driving your vehicle. You should be careful about any abnormal signals that your vehicle may provide and get it checked, as soon as possible. There are a lot of garages offering the service of clutch repair Hartlepool have. Here are some of the symptoms that there’s something wrong with the clutch of your vehicle.

  • Burning smell- The burning smell from the clutch is a quite common scenario, for the first time of you driving. It can be because of the heavy acceleration. It is also normal if you drive in heavy traffic for a regular period of time. However, if the smell continues for a long time, it can be a bad sign. Your vehicle’s clutch is more likely to be worn and may need to be replaced in that case. You should not overlook the situation and get it checked immediately. You can get it checked at any garage or car repair Hartlepool.
  • Gear slips- Gear slips are normal until you are aware of it. If the slipping of your gear without any warning is getting apparent regularly, you may need to get your clutch checked. However, it can also be because of the other problems like excessive lubrication due to oil leaks over the clutch. The lubrication makes the clutch slip without warning.
  • Sticky pedal of the clutch- You must be aware of the hydrochloric linkage that the clutch of any vehicle utilizes. If the linkage system fails sometimes, this may result in difficulty of pressing the clutch because of its stickiness to the ground. This issue can be solved with just the fixation of linkage if it hasn’t started leaking of hydrochloric fluid. If the leakage has already started then you may need to get the whole linkage replaced. Sometimes, in the worst-case scenarios, to resolve this case completely, you may need to repair the whole clutch. It also depends upon the time that you take to get this issue solved.

You can save yourself a lot of bucks by taking the proper initiative at the right time. If you keep overlooking these symptoms, the situation can get worse and it also gets your safety at stake

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