Alex Wise
by on May 22, 2017
There are many people walking the face of this earth in misery, and they spread their negativity to everyone they meet. You know who I mean! Those excuse makers and haters of positive and upbeat people who they blame for their problems. The excuse makers and projectors of pain and suffering need to begin to look in the mirror and blame the person he or she sees for the problems in their lives.

Life is quite that simple. If you are unhappy, you are to blame, plain and simple. Get off your duff and start to take a look at what you need to change to get back into the human race. Most unhappy people are the most selfish people walking the earth. Happiness does not come from what you can get from others but what you can offer to others to make their lives better.
The politicians use selfish people for their own personal gains because they are projectors of blame along with those in bureaucracies.

I constantly speak of those three virtues of love, respect, and honesty in what I present to others. These virtues speak of service to others along with personal responsibility. Living a life within these constructs will bring happiness and meaning to your life. Misery has no meaning or place in making differences in this lifetime. I am not usually this direct in my messages but I truly believe that more and more people are succumbing to narcissism and self-pity. Your relationships will be empty and meaningless until you begin to give of yourself to others and quit making excuses for your situation in life. Do not let those that need you dependent upon them keep you in this trap and break free to true happiness and independence.

Our world is getting scary because of the masses of people that are blaming others for their life circumstance and are becoming violent to others out of jealousy or dependency upon others. Relationships are becoming more meaningless and less committed because there are too many easy ways out of commitment and responsibility. Take time to reassess your thinking about your circumstances and relationships you possess in your life. Make life simple and give time to give to others. Find that talent you are blessed with and use it to benefit you fellow citizen. You may be surprised how you begin to think and feel about others and yourself!

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