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by on November 5, 2020
The newly launched Watch Dogs: Legions is all ready to set some records. It is the third sequel from the Watch Dogs series. Watch Dogs 2 gained great popularity through its fantastic storyline, visual graphics, tools, skills, and much more. Now Watch Dogs: Legions has finally arrived with some incredible improvements. The triple-A open-world Watch Dogs: Legions packed with astonishing DLC items. Its publisher Ubisoft has planned several major things for players to get the best playing experience. Thankfully, the developers have added a ton of bonus items in the game, and the DLC items are making a difference, and players are curious to know how to access those items. Obtaining the DLC items is not simple, but layers should know the complete process to get these items. So first, you have to find how to access the entire pre-ordered and Ultimate Edition DLC items. How to Locate Pre-Ordered Items Before launching the game, the developer team and publisher team announced that all those fans who pre-ordered the game would get three additional unique cosmetic items. The following skins are: Serpent Sisters Gun Skin, Lux Car Skin, and the Unease Lies Mask Skin. The bundle name of these following skins is Golden King Pack. These are not available in the game from the beginning. Players have to finish certain missions to use the following bonus skins. The Unease Lies Mask Skin can be obtained from the DedSec vending machine. The following skin will be available to you after you arrive at Restart DedSec mission. The Lux Car Skin is unique, but it will not be available until you obtain the ability to customize the cars. Once you obtain the ability, the Lux Car Skin will automatically be added to your skin collections. The final skin is Serpent Sisters Gun Skin that unlocks in the same way as the car process. Once you can customize guns, this skin will be added to your gun skin collection. How to Locate the Ultimate Edition Items By spending some extra money, you can buy Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition. It will offer you three extra masks and heroes in the Urban Jungle Pack. In the bundle, the characters will be Joeri Martens, Gabriel Isa, and Harriet Park. These characters will be part of your team once you finish the boxing tutorial as part of the Restart DedSec challenge. You will be able to access these heroes after accessing the vending machine. Conclusion Watch Dogs: Legion has brought plenty of new items in the game but, the bonus items can only be obtained by pre-order and purchasing Ultimate Edition. Developers have improved a lot of things in the new sequel. Watch Dogs’ storyline: Legion is pretty engaging, and fans look forward to getting more exciting updates. Source :-
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