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by on November 5, 2020
Barbedienne obeyed the request of King Khai Dinh. Only the number of addresses in Gia Long and Minh Mang dynasties is stored here up to 12. Can Chanh Palace was built in the 3rd year of Gia Long (1804), after that it was also renovated many times Large upper frame structure (such as piercing, trusses, trusses, arms, subsystems, triplets. Hue Khai Dinh tomb The place of worshiping the image of King Khai Dinh. Not only that, gentle and relaxing features. Living slowly here is also loved by many people Each season in Hue has its own interesting beauty and experiences, however, autumn is still the season chosen by more tourists. because this season brings the typical romance of the dream city. Tour Da Nang - Da Nang Hue outside, the king wears French soldiers' clothing, cast in Vietnam.The rainy season lasts from September to the end of December, the low rain season lasts from late December until around April In this position, Khai Dinh mausoleum took a low hill in front as a criminal record; Chop Vung and Kim Son mountains waved before the am "Ta dragon fruit" and "Huu white tiger"; There is Chau E slot flowing from left to right to make "water convergence", called "minh duong". The Secret Institute - Tam Toa Main article: The Secret Institute (Hue) Is the advisory body of the king consisting of four dignitaries from Tam Pham and above, who are University scholars of Dong Cac, Van Minh, and Vo Hien palaces. and Can Chanh. Local people said that here at night, an old lady in red and green pants appeared on the hill, telling everyone: "Then here will be a true god come to set up a temple to gather spirit and make durable. leylines, for the mighty South country " zone-of-duong-angsana-lang-co-hue-2-800x450 Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort Hue Banyan Tree Lang Co Hue nestled under the foothills of the majestic Truong Son mountain range overlooking the 3 km stretch of beach on a crescent-shaped bay. Museum of Royal Fine Arts: (located in Long An Palace, the most beautiful palace in the Nguyen dynasty palace system) is a place to display the collection of antiquities, crowns and belongings of the emperor. Nguyen. There are also longan tea coated with sweet and fragrant lotus seeds and many kinds of tea such as pomegranate tea, water float tea, taro tea, filtered tea ... Hue tea: Da Nang specialty Hue tea (Photo: ST) There is one type Tea sounds very strange that only Hue has: roasted pork powder tea Tour Da Nang - Da Nang Hue at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang
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