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by on November 5, 2020
The person responsible for the creation of the masterpieces of art in Khai Dinh's mausoleum is artist Phan Van Tanh, the author of the three largest decorated "Cuu Long hidden" murals in Vietnam. on the ceiling of the three middle houses in Thien Dinh Palace. Khon Thai Dien (the residence of Hoang Quy Phi), Kien Trung Dien (used to be the residence of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong), formerly Minh Vien long. Surrounding Truoi Lake is a mountain of the same message, from afar is the Bach Ma mountain range as if embracing the entire lake bed Alba Wellness Resort Hue resort area-duong-alba-wellness- hue-13-800x450 Nice place to take pictures in Hue Tam Giang Lagoon It can be said that this is a beautiful place to take photos of the sunset, with fishermen's activities on the lagoon accompanied by the bright red sky. By hanging on long cables and sliding down from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, you will experience a very interesting feeling when watching the breathtaking view from above. There are 3 stages with many different challenges such as zigzag bridge, shaking ladder, swing bar, net bridge ... will make you sweat after days of just sitting at the desk Because it is close to the bay, the sea is Angsana is always as gentle as the Hue girl. This work, along with Can Chanh Palace (and a series of other palaces) in the Forbidden City were burned in 1947, is currently being researched by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Waseda University experts. restoration. Ticket price: There will be Combo packages for adults and children from 160 The three kanji characters of the Qiancheng Palace indicate that this door leads to the Qiancheng Palace on the Right, halfway between the Qiancheng Palace and Khon Thai palace is the Thuan Huy institute. Khai Thanh Palace - where the worshiping place of King Khai Dinh is placed This is the place where the altar of King Khai Dinh is placed. Around the lagoon is a soft curling path creating a mesmerizing scene In general, the most prominent here is the art of gardens and inlaid porcelain [4]. Lang Co in Da Nang Hue Guide, travel guide to Thanh Tan hot springs for tickets, accommodation. Hue is only 12km, the Carlsberg brewery is a more affordable choice for an afternoon tour of Hue 3 Tour Da Nang Hue Hoi An at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang
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