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by on November 5, 2020
The Legendary Terrakion is available in Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC expansion. Along with the other Legendary Pokemon, Terrakion also launched, but players have to find its location first to catch it. To find this Cavern Pokemon, players have to locate the set of Cavern Footprints. Developers of Pokemon Sword and Shield have added the previous generations and new Legendary Pokemon in the game. Finding all Legendary Pokemon is such a huge task for players because they all require different objectives to be completed. Now to find Terrakion, players have to complete the required objective. Locate Terrakion in Pokemon Sword and Shield Finding Terrakion is nowhere tough in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You need to need to enter the Lakeside Cave. The following location is also mentioned in the game map to help you find Terrakion more smoothly. You can find Terrakion by entering the Lakeside Cave. Head towards the main section of the cave and then turn the north-west corner side. Usually, Terrakion appears instantly after reaching there, but sometimes it takes time to appear there. You might have to wait a few minutes to let Terrakion appear. After it appears in front, you have to catch it. How to Catch Terrakion Before starting your journey to find and catch Terrakion, make sure you have the necessary items like healing items, Poke Balls, and most essential Ultra Balls. Once you have the essential items, start your journey to catch Terrakion by battling. Make sure you save the game before battling against Terrakion because if you lose, you can easily load your previously saved game. Terrakion is a powerful Rock/Fighting-type Pokemon of level 80. Indeed, it’s a powerful Pokemon, but it has many weaknesses due to its dual-type. Terrakion is weak against Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground, Psychic and Fairy-type attacks. So while battling with Terrakion, use a mixture of all types of Pokemon. After you fall the health of Terrakion, you can use your Master Ball or Ultra Ball to catch it easily. The attack stat of Terrakion is incredible. It deals with massive damage to some certain-type Pokemon: Ice, Bug, Flying, and Fire-type Pokemon. Remember to not use any of those Pokemon that are weak against Terrakion. Conclusion Pokemon Sword and Shield with Crown Tundra DLC is one of the most successful DLC expansions. Fans are highly engaging with this Crown Tundra DLC because it has added some incredible items in the game that fans never thought of. Now trainers can register every Legendary Pokemon in their Pokedex, plus players can catch some Ultra Beast Pokemon, but that will be unlocked after completing the game. Source :-
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