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Features are special characteristics embedded in an electronic device, such as televisions, cell phones, computers, and so on. The existence of features not only makes electronic devices more attractive and has added value, but also makes it easy for each user. Not wanting to be outdone by computers and cell phones, electronic book publishers are now starting to include a variety of charming features to attract more ebook readers.

The features in each ebook are not the same and depend on the publisher who issued it. Some ebooks are distributed as Web pages, documents in PDF format, and some use Adobe Flash player. Many ebooks include helpful information from publishers that explain how to use the features available in the ebook.

For those of you who like ebooks as reading media, it helps you to know and master the features contained in the ebook. It will make you maximize the functions available when you read the ebook. Here are ten features of the ebook you should know about:

Table of Contents

Table of contents or table of contents is a page sheet which is the main guide to the contents of the book, accompanied by page numbers. A book list is like a map showing the locations of the book sections. As with printed books or conventional books, electronic books also have a table of contents. It's just that the table of contents on the ebook is more practical. You just have to hover and click on the part of the page you want to go to, the ebook will immediately display that page.

Search / Text Box

Search / Text Box, or what in Indonesian is the search box, is one of the most important features of an ebook. A search box on an ebook performs the same principles or functions as Google. This feature allows readers or users to find specific content in the ebook. Finding even a specific word or phrase doesn't take long. This ability is absolutely not possessed by printed books.


Navigation or navigation is one of the other features embedded in the ebook. The way navigation works on eboo k is the same as navigation in Microsoft Word, namely as directions or directions to make it easier to find a section of a sheet on a particular page.


In reading ebooks, especially those with a large number of pages, we often can't finish them at one time. This condition requires us to mark the limit of the last page we read. The bookmark feature contained in the ebook allows us to mark the last read page.

Highlights and Notes

In principle of work and function, most of the features in the ebook are the same as those in Microsoft Word. This also applies to a feature called highlight and notes. The highlight feature serves to provide color to the text or text background. In general, the provision highlights the ebook is to signify an important part. Meanwhile, the note function in the ebook allows readers or ebook users to write small notes for a specific purpose.   

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Everyone has certain comfort limits regarding the font size of a reading. Font sizes that are too small or too large can cause discomfort to ebook readers. For this, the ebook has equipped itself with a zoom in and zoom out feature. Zoom in serves to enlarge text or images, while zooming out is useful for reducing writing or images. Judging from its function, these two features allow ebook readers to adjust the font size they like.



Some ebooks display links that can be accessed when we click on them. This link is useful for providing certain information. There are also links that can open media in the form of videos. Some of these additional media are interactive.


As the name implies, print functions to print. However, please note that most ebooks cannot be printed easily. This is because the ebook has been protected from the possibility of printing or copying activities without official permission from the publisher or the author concerned. This is to protect copyright.


This last feature is a complement to the advantages inherent in the ebook. Just like glossaries listed in printed books, this feature contains a list of words with explanations in a specific area. This allows any ebook reader to find difficult terms they don't understand.

Those are the nine features embedded in the ebook. Seeing the many extraordinary features that are presented above, makes us even more eager to try out the capabilities of each of these features. Hopefully the above explanation can provide additional information for you, especially for those who choose ebooks as a reading medium that is faithful in your hand. If you know of other features embedded in the ebook, please provide your ideas in the comments column below.

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