Kartik Sharma
by on November 21, 2020
Getting free website traffic isn't simple. Well, that is possibly obvious on the off chance that we depend on the drawn-out traffic sources, for example, upgrading for Google search which by the way is certainly an incredible traffic hotspot for free website traffic. In any case, SEO requires significant investment. All in all, how would you get free website traffic quickly?

10 Free Website Traffic Sources in 2020:

Well, there are some free website traffic sources that will help you get free website traffic and that's something you will learn about 10 easy website traffic sources that will help you to boost your revenue a lot.

1. Facebook Groups:

The first traffic source to gets high-quality free website traffic is Facebook groups. I know you must be thinking that I was already knowing this. And, that's completely true Facebook groups are not a new thing they have existed for years. facebook groups - free website traffic source

2. Quora:

The next easy traffic source to get free website traffic is Quora. It is a question & answer community where people ask questions and get answers to their questions. According to Alexa traffic stats, it's one of the top 500 websites all over the world. If you search for anything, there is hardly any search query for which you won't find Quora in the top 10 search results.

3. Medium:

The third is the traffic source to get free website traffic is Medium. Medium - Free website traffic Medium is a free blogging platform where you may write and publish blog articles and what's more amazing about Medium is, it is a very high authority and high domain rating site. So, if you write a high-quality article there your article can rank pretty high and get a good chunk of free web traffic.  
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