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by on November 21, 2020

CNN international is an on-air branding television channel that carries various news-related programming around the world. CNN is affiliated with a lot of national and international bureaus all over the world. Unlike some of these affiliates, CNN, (in North America) subscription service is only broadcasted in New York City and Atlanta.

CNN international is broadcasted on several TV platforms all over the world; it is often on studios outside the United States such as London, Mumbai, Hong King, and Dhabi. It is a free-to-air network in some other countries. The service's main aim is to be overseas, just BBC World News, France24, Al Jazeera, DW, RT, and CGTN.

CNN is majorly owned by Ted Turner, and it's his globalization ideas. It was created on the first of September, 1985. CNN was primarily broadcasting to business travelers in hotels in the United States of America.

Ever since it was launched, CNN has grown bigger, as well as gained more strength by expanding its shore all over cable industries around the world. They have been very loyal to viewers, providing them special live news and updates that you can get from any network other than CNN network- Some of this special news includes the coverage of national historical events and events in the world at large.

Their main focus while launching this special cable network was “Go live, stay with it, and make it important.” And this mindset has really helped the station, and has brought about other CNN features like the CNN live stream- meaning you can stream all national and international news and events live on CNN.

CNN Main feature is the delivering of live news through their platform, you can also watch CNN live through cnn livenewsmag with the best quality and features.

In the year 1986, CNN was voted number one, it came out on top above other networks, it gained those feet due to its on-the-spot coverage of the Challenger shuttle disaster. Five years from there, CNN was also rated above its competitors because of its live “in-country” coverage of the Persian Gulf War.

Due to this coverage at the Persian gulf war battle stage, the likes of Bernard Shaw, Peter Arnett, and John Holliman (CNN reporters) became extremely famous. Some other prominent and top-rated CNN reporters and commentators then include Catherine Crier and Paula Zahn. The infamous recorded voice that intones “This is CNN” regularly is that of James Earl Jones, a top actor.

AS said before, other than watching live news on the CNN official platform, you can also watch updated and 100% unique CNN news on

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