by on November 21, 2020
I'm not enjoying MUT and I am having fun with the franchise mode, but I skipped last year so idk if it's the specific same or not. It was known prior to the game was published that there could be basically nothing new based on the trailers, so fifa looks 10x more promising. Will likely still be disappointed but there was literally no hope for madden. The matter with Fifa is that I like the mill, particularly from a trading perspective. Even though gameplay is just as awful as Fifa 20 I'll still get my £60's value based on how much I like the early cycle. It's a pity because if gameplay was better then I'd play a good deal more games and wouldn't get rid of interest after TOTY. In the older school fifa's I'd play 1-2K matches a year. Fifa 20 I just played 400 but I'm fine with it because I've found enjoyment with other facets of the game. The main reason the madden community is up in arms over this years version is a significant section of the player base just plays Franchise Mode and the Madden developers have done little to nothing to produce changes within the past few decades. They were fed up before the match even fell. It has little to do with gameplay and much more to do with the absence of updates. Even the FIFA community clamored for changes to FUT and within the past couple of years EA has made adjustments. Gameplay wise it is still a shitshow however, the updates to content are made. The FUT reddit community is much bigger compared to the size of the MUT community. FIFA is catering to most which has desired to see FUT developments while Madden keeps investing in MUT if their neighborhood is more interested in Franchise. Personally, I think that it's far better than earlier iterations, all the entitled drooling kids who can't play without fully automated defence and nanoblitzes are just having temper tantrums and screeching autisticly. Last year any baboon could win against you when they spent enoough money and spent 5min watching one youtube video, this season nope, not going to occur. There is a White-Out deficit in the US right now so EA can not use White-Out to replace 20 with 21. LMAO, these matches are utter trash. Not even to get in the business behind those products. I thought this was an insider, sales term, then I read the answers and got the laugh. Oh man your comment cracked me up. That was real great. This is Madden's final chance to actually try and save some type of face. Additionally inB4 that the"I don't like sports games" men appear lol. Madden has been terrible for some time regardless of the microtransactions. FIFA isn't what it was but it's nevertheless a good simulation of the game. It's always funny to see them such as"just don't buy it" but EA/2k have monopolized 3 of their most popular sports now. Pretty much do not have any other choice if you want to play a sport involving your favorite game, team, or players. It is just funny the jabs individuals who do not play sports games or COD take. Quality or not those matches are typically top 10 sales on all consoles. We also do not have as many choices in their genres. If you want to know more, please click
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