by on November 23, 2020
Although Lasik, smile and Contoura are basically different kinds of Laser vision correction surgeries, the results so obtained are entirely different. Lasik and smile earned a wide popularity because of giving patients satisfactory results in terms of vision correction but with the introduction of contoura ophthalmologists have started to recommend contoura surgery more than ever because of the fantastic results that it has been delivering.

It’s an easy win for contoura vision treatment if we start comparing it with the currently available laser assisted vision correction treatments. In this article we shall discuss at length why more and more ophthalmologists are shifting their interests to performing and recommending the Contoura vision surgery. There are a variety of factors explaining why Contoura is the best vision correction treatment available right now. It is a completely painless and blade less procedure which is assisted by the femto laser. The technology so used has machinery so strategically constructed that it customizes laser ablation for each eye making no two Contoura vision surgery similar to one another. It's just as unique as your fingerprint. The ablation is performed on the visual axis of the eye which helps in a very safe restructuring and reshaping of the eye, which often ends up correcting the errors of the eye which the patients’ usually don't even know exist. This is one of the biggest reasons that Contoura vision in chandigarh has been able to secure a wide range of positive outcomes. In a survey, approximately 84% percent of patients who had gotten contoura vision done for themselves said that they would recommend it to others. Most patients have experienced over 6/6 vision after getting Contoura Vision in Mohali. There are absolutely no blades or knives used in the surgery which makes the process completely painless and hence the recovery is also really quick and easy. There are no cuts so the possibility of infections is almost nil. The surgery is completely robotic but the surgeon is present there during the Contoura eye surgery at all times, so the patient has absolutely nothing to worry about.

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