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From beyond bacon to various impossible meat recipes there are plenty of plant based vegan meat alternatives that tastes and look somewhat similar to animal-based meat in the market. But if you are wondering to prepare your own plantbased recipes this article is for you.

There are endless possible ingredients from which you can make your own plant based fake meat like vegan chicken, vegan bacon, steak, sausages, and more. But here we will discuss some simple ingredients that you might even already have in your kitchen. Everything from rice paper to gluten to various soy products can be a good option to make the best vegan meat at home.

The following list is just a small sample of all fake meat alternatives that you can use to prepare your own vegan recipe.

Tofu –

Tofu is an authentic meat alternative and has been one of the basic sources of plant based nutrition in Asia over the centuries. It is particularly appreciated as a low-calorie plant based protein source. Tofu is a versatile meat substitute as it easily absorbs aroma and flavor from spices and marinades and textures much similar to meat.

Soy Protein –

Soy chunks and mince are very inexpensive ingredients that are easily available in any departmental store. Soya chunks are made of processes dehydrated soy which once soaked with water can easily be used as vegan chicken nuggets in almost any dish. Soy protein is most commonly available in the form of mince, cutlets, or balls. Just like tofu, soy has a great absorbing quality which can produce virtually any aroma or flavor. This property makes soy ideal for vegan chicken, meatballs, cutlets, or anything.

Tempeh –

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian plant based food which is made from fermented soybeans. Just like cheese, tempeh is produced by taking advantage of the effect of special bacterial culture which breaks down the protein in the beans making them more assessable to the human digestive system. Containing on an average of 20% plant based protein and high fiber content, tempeh is the ideal plant based food for a balanced diet. Thanks to its versatile nature, you can prepare anything using tempeh like vegan bacon, fake chicken, or sausages.

Seitan –

Seitan is a vital meat substitute made from gluten which is a plant based protein found in wheat. With consistency equivalent to meat, seitan is the most renowned meat alternative that has been a chief ingredient in Asian cuisine for millennia. Seitan can easily be prepared by washing wheat flour dough with water till all starch granules get removed and only the wheat gluten will remain, this remaining wheat gluten is then boiled, baked, or steamed to acquire a great meaty texture. Seitan is one of the best vegan meat substitutes that can be used in a variety of products including vegan bacon, vegan sausages, and cutlets. Seitan powder is easily available in many countries in the form of vital wheat gluten, however, you can make seitan at home using wheat flour, but it is a time-consuming process.

Jackfruit –

No animal cruelty here, whether it is to prepare bacon or a BBQ no meat is needed. Jackfruit is a vegan substitute that can magically be marinated and cooked to get a deliciously meaty taste as well as texture. To make vegan recipes like vegan bacon or a BBQ sandwich, canned jackfruit or even an entire fruit itself can be used to make savory dishes that you will never forget.

These are just a sample food through which the best vegan meat can be made. However, there are several other plant based food products like coconut, Aubergine, Shiitake Mushroom that can be used to prepare fake meat recipes including vegan chicken, vegan bacon, and more.

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