Olivia Rodrigo
by on November 23, 2020
Our experts named the best engagement and wedding ring sets for every couple in this guide! When it comes to your engagement rings and wedding sets, it’s an important decision, and we’re here to help! At TwoBirch Jewelry, we handcraft fine jewelry for thousands of couples each and every year. Our unique designs are chosen every year by thousands of wonderful couples. Engagement and wedding ring shopping should be an exciting, stress-free experience. One of the most important factors in finding a wedding ring is ensuring that it complements the engagement ring. While some couples opt for plain gold bands, others may choose diamond ring guard, contour band or simple stacked wedding rings. While there are many options and styles to choose from that best compliment your style preference, we’re here to help you make the decision that much easier. Our experts named the best engagement and wedding ring sets for every couple keep on reading. Solitaire Ring Sets The iconic diamond solitaire engagement ring set is favored by countless couples. Many engagement ring buyers opt for a solitaire for its timeless look and natural attention to the dazzling center stone. In a recent survey of over 7,000 engaged women by TheKnot, it was found that 25% had received solitaire engagement rings. This is definitely a classic engagement ring set wearers will enjoy for many years to come. Within solitaire engagement ring sets, there are a few popular styles to choose from. Brilliant Cut The most recognizable solitaire diamond cut is the brilliant cut. This cut earns its name as the most brilliant of all solitaire choices because it provides the maximum amount of light return through the top of the diamond. Elongated Diamond/Teardrop Cuts These unique cuts have dramatically elevated in popularity the past few years. According to, “Taking its cues from both the oval and marquise, this unique shape is a perfect choice for vintage-inspired brides who play by their own set of rules and think that two is better than one.” Vintage Engagement Ring Sets Yellow Gold Sets There’s a reason yellow gold is a timeless classic here for yet another comeback. These warm tones pair well with a classic, vintage style. Recent bachelorettes Jojo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsey both adorn stunning yellow gold engagement rings. Filigree Accents Filigree engagement rings include an intricate, ornamental metal design in the band or setting. If a vintage engagement ring set is more your style, filigree ring details could be perfect for you. Delicate Halos Ring Sets Elegant and dazzling, halo engagement ring sets are chosen by many couples because of their extra sparkle and glamour with stones surrounding the center stone. These rings are paired well with contoured engagement rings. Infinity Engagement Ring Sets Symbolizing an everlasting love, eternity bands offer a continuous line of gemstones surrounding the center stone. Rising in popularity since the sixties, eternity wedding bands are a prized piece for any jewelry collection. TwoBirch offers a wide selection of stunning, unique engagement rings and wedding sets. Our jewelers are ready to assist you in finding your forever pieces! If you have any questions, our team is here to help you. Simply email us at or give us a call at1-800-232-0386 on Monday-Friday 8:30-5 EST. Visit now:
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