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It is the age of smartphones and digitalization and mobile apps have become a mandatory tool for running an organization or doing business.

Fortunately, consumers are not just dependent on custom app development agencies and expert technicians. The new age app building solutions have taken over the market and are being extensively used to create full-fledged apps.

With the launch of DIY mobile app builders, creating apps has become a breeze. However, just like all the glittering substances are not gold, not all app builders are equipped to meet the large-scale demands of new age businesses.

So, what are the ideal qualities of the perfect app builder? Read further and find out, and ensure the best for your business. Let us begin!

Five qualities that make an app builder ideal

An app builder that is ideal for all kinds of businesses or even non-commercial requirements, must possess certain qualities. In order to help you choose the best app builder, we have prepared an easy to grasp checklist.

Just look for the following five qualities in the app maker, and more than half your battle will be won:

1: Code-free intuitive dashboard

The mobile app builder must be absolutely code-free and have a DIY (Do it yourself) friendly environment. The dashboard should be intuitive enough (being AI powered will be a bonus), to guide the user through the process.

It should be easy to create a technically sound app that is high-performing and native in nature, even without any special technical knowledge. The builder should come with ample tool-tips and resources that enable anyone to create the perfect Android and iOS apps single-handedly, without any hassle.

2: Effortless designing resources

The whole purpose of a DIY app builder fails if the users need to sit and design their own screens from scratch. On the other hand, it should also not be a barrier for those who want to do the same. Hence, the app builder should have a system that enables both.

The users should get a designing and customization environment where they can either choose from the available options of images and illustrations (preferably free), or submit their own designs. It should be easy to create and customize app icon, app screens, buttons, category tiles, and more.

3: Activity progress preview pane

Imagine going through the entire process of app building and realizing a flaw only after you have completed it. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? This can be avoided if the app builder comes with a parallel preview pane.

The dashboard should be designed in such a manner that it reflects the real time changes and enables users to monitor the changes parallelly as they continue to design the app. This will help you design a flawless app and save time and efforts.

4: Free building and robust testing

Many online tools charge a registration fees from their users before they are allowed to experience and use the system. Ensure that your app builder does not have the same approach.

Instead, look for an app builder that enables you to create, customize and test the app for free before you upgrade and pay for it. The testing process should also be dynamic and rigorous, and enable users to get a first-hand experience of the app.

5: Add-on resources for scalability

Apart from the generic traits discussed above, the app builder must also have some specialized features that make it suitable for different kinds of businesses with different needs.

It should come with some supportive add-on tools that make it further easier for businesses to launch an app without any hassle and excel in the app industry. It should also ensure scalability as the app adapts to the growth of the business website and brand, and remain in complete sync with it.

Wrapping up!

Does this sound like too much? Well, not really! At AppMySite, we think that the more we offer to our customers, the less it is! We are happy with our satisfied league of smart consumers, but our team just refuses to settle down.

As a result, we add several new features and updates to our tool every week. Our aim is to provide the best app building experience to everyone willing to expand in the mobile app sphere.

Thousands of our subscribers trust us and acknowledge the AppMySite builder. It is also listed on the prestigious platforms that endorse the best tools of app development.

So, if you have still not found an app building resource worth your time and money, then we insist that you try AppMySite once. Do not worry about the investment, as it is absolutely free!

You can create, customize and test your app with our free app maker without spending money. Only upgrade and publish your apps when satisfied and enter the app industry without any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of the day! Enter the mCommerce industry with the perfect app and scale your business to new heights!

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