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by on November 24, 2020

It is said that sleep is the healing elixir of life. You must have experienced the truth of this statement yourself – after a day of hard work and stress, when everything seems bleak you fall asleep worried but wake up refreshed and full of energy to fight another day. Sound sleep has many advantages for the human body and mind. But you can ensure sound sleep for yourself and your loved ones only when the environmental conditions are fair, and the mattress is a good one.

The right mattress has far-reaching implications on your health and psychology. However, many people use the wrong mattress that does not offer the right kind of support to the body. Your mattress might be the problem too, only you may not yet have connected it to your niggling back and shoulder pains. If you were to change your mattress and get a medicated mattress, you would find that your body pains would gradually disappear and the quality of your sleep would improve manifold.

What is a medicated mattress?

Also known as an ‘orthopaedic mattress’, a medicated mattress is made of compressed PU foam at its core. This is medical grade foam that is packed such that it gives extra firm back support. This quality is important for those who suffer back and shoulder pain, or who have a sore or injured back.

You can easily buy a medicated mattress in Dubai’s premium online mattress stores. These mattresses are recommended for senior citizens, those grappling with injuries, people experiencing pain from bone and joint disorders, and any individual that needs extra support while lying down. Most doctors recommend medicated mattresses for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle dystrophy, accidental injuries, etc.

The benefits of using medicated mattresses

Life is tough, and there is a lot of work to be done every day before you can lie down and sleep off your exhaustion. It goes without saying that you expect to get deep, restful sleep every night after the rigours of the day. However, a mattress that does not cushion your body or which dips unevenly under your weight can actually do more harm than good – it can disturb your sleep, cause aches and pains, and change your spinal alignment.

*A medicated mattress actively improves your posture while you sleep, with zero effort on your part! When you buy this mattress from a high quality mattress store online, you set yourself up for sound sleep while the major joints of your body are cushioned adequately.

*The best orthopaedic mattresses also eliminate the ‘rollover’ effect, where one partner’s restless sleep may disturb the other.

*Better sleep has a domino effect on the body’s functions – the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, metabolic and waste disposal processes are better regulated. The mind becomes clearer and more focussed, and skin, hair and nail health also improve.

*Good sleep is also linked to a lowering of elevated blood pressure, reduced stress levels, better mental acuity, more balanced mood and better reactivity to physical labour.

*Even those with chronic back pain will experience relief after investing in an orthopaedic mattress. However, it is always better to ask your doctor about the exact type of mattress you need to buy, and the best brand they can recommend for your body ache issues.

How to buy the orthopaedic mattress

*Browse online for the best orthopaedic mattresses in the UAE. There are premium online mattress stores that retail a range of medicated mattresses in Dubai and rest of UAE.

*Measure your bed (internal frame only) to know the exact dimensions of your bed. You can now choose the right size of mattress online.

*Once you make your choice, pay for the mattress online and ask for the transportation and delivery protocols. Proceed with the payment only if you are convinced that the company is responsible about following due sanitary protocols to ensure your safety.

*Look for hypoallergenic, mould- and moisture-resistant mattresses for increased safety during use.

Once you invest in this mattress and have it installed in your bed, you will experience the kind of blissful sleep that you have been yearning for several months. Here’s to better sleep and sweet dreams!

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