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by on November 26, 2020
The French (quartier francais) is located in the city center, vertically from the beginning of Quai Coubert (now Bach Dang street) to the Quai Coubert - Dong Khanh junction (now Hung Vuong), across to Marc Pourpre (Le Loi). These programs have extremely important implications, contributing to the successful implementation of social security, building a civilized cultural lifestyle, order management and security, creating the goal. for the city government to strive and create confidence in the people. On the examination of Quan Cong worship, there is usually a set of statues or pictures of Quan Cong, Quan Binh and Chau Thuong These names were given by King Minh Mang according to 5 elements that constitute the universe: Kim, Moc, and Thuy. , Fire, Earth. [20] Danang is also the center of world heritages: Hue ancient capital, Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. [85] The religion of the Chinese Assembly Hall In Hoi An, in addition to the ancestor worship, the villagers also have the custom of worshiping the Five Self-Reliants The South Pole is Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district. Hoi An at Night Currently, even a crowded Cham province in Cambodia still keeps calling a station The river of the Cham people is "Kam pong Ch'Nang" and becomes the name of a Cambodian province, Kampong Chhnang with a large number of Cham people after Kampong Cham province. 6 Competitiveness 9 Jobs 10 Start-ups 11 Tourism 11 French researcher Albert Sallet thinks that Hoi An village is the most important of the five villages that make up the ancient Hoi An population, including Hoi An, Cam Pho, Phong Nien, Minh Huong and An Tho. Da Nang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital has many new techniques such as implementing in vitro fertilization techniques since April 2014 (the success rate is quite high from 40 to 45%). The rate of students graduating from high school in the city for the 2010-2011 school year is 96.7% Kim Son Kim Son in the north of 2 Hoa Son mountains, the Southeast is Su Van Hanh Street, North is Tho Son mountain. Noodles do not need much color, not much spices, but must be clear and sweet. Annam map drawn by Alexandre de Rhodes with the site "Cua Han" Guide to Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon Tour < / a> at Da Nang Booking or Da Nang Tour
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