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by on November 26, 2020
On the riverbank, close to the foot of Duong Hoa Son islet, there is Ong Chai Temple, which is currently in ruins. The mountain is 106m high, stretching from East to West and is 15 ha wide, with 3 tops in 3 floors like 3 stars (Tam Thai), ie 3 stars forming the tail of Dai Hung Tinh star cluster. [190] Information Technology - Media Media Press Vietnam Television Center Central region - Central Highlands in Da Nang (VTV8) Da Nang city is an important media center of Vietnam, large The third country, especially for the Central and Central Highlands regions, currently has more than 110 press agencies, including 8 city press units, 4 central press agencies located in the city and 98 other central, association, unions and local press representative offices with newsrooms, representative offices or sending permanent journalists to operate, with more than 800 journalists, of which 400 journalists card issued; The density of journalists and reporters is at the top of the country Every year in the early spring festival season (February 19 in lunar calendar), the pagoda opens the festival and is named Quan Am Hoi. Flower Drop Boat Hoi An [42] In the main house space, the 16-pillar system 4 x 4 distribution forms the horizontal and depth percentile in the structure of 3 x 3 compartments, in which the central 4 columns are much higher than the rest. Remains remain that before the Vietnamese came here, the Cham people worshiped their gods in caves and temples on these mountains [121] Summary for the next year plan 1981-1985, the industrial output of the city in 1985 increased by 47% against 1982; the budget revenue in 1985 was 5.3 times higher than that in 1983. The halls and temples bearing Chinese vestiges are located next to the traditional Vietnamese street houses and French architectural style houses. Since 2001, the city has set up a plan to implement the program "City 5 no": no hungry households, no illiterate people, no wandering people, no drug addicts in the community and no have robbed and killed people The Chinese called Da Nang Hien Cang, which was written in Chinese as Xian Gang , later changed to Xian Gang . [230] After a pause, the festival resumed from 1991, until 2000 recognized as a national festival and is now one of the 15 largest festivals in the country. Bus: You can choose route 1 from Da Nang to Hoi An, depart from Da Nang City Center Bus Station and get off at Ngu Hanh Son point On the main holiday, all people The procession of Long Chu village, a boat in the shape of a dragon, returns to the communal house and the owner worshiped with the sorcerer to declare the vision of Long Chu. The rate of students graduating from high school in the city in 2010-2011 school year is 96.7%. These festivals are aimed at demonstrating the ethic of "drinking water, remember its source", praying for the nation's national safety, the people in the village to be happily and happily. Cheap Da Nang Hoi An Tour at Da Nang Booking or < strong> Da Nang Tour
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