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The post writing essay process usually is the most extensive and time-consuming of all the essay writing stages. Writers usually rush through their writing and drafting process to head into the reviewing and editing process. The time and effort spent at the prewriting stage of the essay would go to waste if you turn your essay in without any editing, reviewing, and proofreading. If you are assigned to write an persuasive essay examples you should have a complete understanding of it.


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Many writers have the habit of submitting their essays right after they are done with their essay drafts. The essay writers tend to end up asking others, ‘help write essay for me,’ when they end up getting bad grades despite their effort.

There are various techniques that you can employ in your process.

Reverse Outlining

Reverse outlining the essay involves the writer going over the final draft of the essay, during the review process. The text is read and each of the structural components of the essay is highlighted and noted down. This includes checking the text, the paragraphs for the various parts of the analysis, evaluation, arguments, etc that should be present in the writing to make the text whole.

For example for an argumentative essay, reverse outlining will involve labeling each part of the text and checking if the parts make the complete whole. From presenting the premise, the evidence to defending the argument from counterpoints.

Through reverse outlining you will know what stages are missed or if they require extra backing or attention.


Color coding the various parts

Many essay writers tend to print out their essays during the editing and reviewing part of the essay and attack the text with their markers and highlighters. This gives them more creative freedom as compared to onscreen work.

Highlighting various parts of the text can be effective ways to see distinct parts of the writing, which you can’t with normal reading. Color coding different parts can help you in various tasks.

Improving sentence structure variety: Highlight each sentence structure with different colors and see if the structure is diverse enough and not overly concentrated in some areas.
Improving the word choice: You can highlight the action verbs and the nouns, to correct the ‘to-be’ verbs and the nominalized form of nouns.
Check for excessive quotation: But making the quotes stand out you can judge if they have been overused.


Changing the font, size, and the medium

If you can’t afford to take long breaks away from your writing, a good way to induce the unfamiliarity is through changing the way your text looks. By printing out the essay, the text formatted differently will generate the unfamiliarity and you will be able to catch various mistakes both in the structure, style, and grammar. This is usually helpful when you are on a tight time budget, as it often happens with lots of submission looming over your head.



The practice of peer-reviewing is popular, especially among college students. This makes for a win-win situation for each of the students involved. Reviewing others’ work so that you can get your essay reviewed allows you to smoothen the various wrinkles in your essay writing. If you're writing an analytical essay example about a piece of writing, you'll look into how the text was written and why the author chose to write it

However, you should make sure that this process doesn’t occur during the initial stages of the essay such as the drafting phase. Otherwise, it might get you to mix up your ideas with that of the other essay, and you might end up using someone else’s ideas.

Even if you can’t find a peer to review your essay for you, you can ask someone from the outside or a family member to review your essay for you. Their unfamiliarity will always help them find various parts that contain errors or are confusing.



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