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by on November 28, 2020

If you are carrying out a big construction project or you run a construction business, you may find yourself wondering where to get the best machinery for hire in Melbourne. Scoop Hire excavator rentals are a reputable remarkable company. They are an experienced civil earthmoving contractor committed to providing an efficient, high-quality, cost-effective excavation service to their clients – no matter how big or small the job is.  They ensure my projects get off to the best start using the most trusted and reliable rental excavators.

The Best Part About Using Scoop Hire

There are various types of earthmoving machines that contractors and project managers can use for specific projects. If you are unsure which excavator is most suitable for your projects, reach out to a member of their customer service team, they are an experienced and skilled team that will be able to assist you, ensuring that you hire a suitable piece of machinery. Scoop Hire is the only company that offer affordable and reliable earthmoving equipment hire for all different excavation work. Having the right equipment’s for your jobs save us time and money. Let us be honest everyone wants to save time and Money.

There equipment’s are in top working condition and meets all of the required safety standards. There Equipment’s available for hired is regularly serviced and inspected by experts to ensure that it is fit for use, It is in good working condition and will not break down during construction - something that would not only be inconvenient, but costly too. 

Scoop Hire offer services such as

  • Digging trenches, holes and foundations
  • Moving large objects
  • Forestry Work
  • Handling materials
  • Rail construction
  • Landscaping
  • Site grading
  • Construction and demolition tasks.

Scoop hire have the equipment and experience to get residential and commercial excavation completed on time and on budget. With the best tools at their disposal, each job will be assessed and the most efficient equipment used to get the job done. Site excavation is not all the same, they have excavators from 0.5 to 5 tonnes. 

In addition to machinery and excavator hire, they also offer additional services such as

* Bobcat rental

* Ground protection mats for hire

* Hydraulic auger attachment for hire

* 2.5t hydraulic hammer for hire

Reasons to rent from Scoop Hire


In construction, every project is different - but Scoop Hire provides a variety of different pieces of machinery to get certain jobs done. They provide Excavators that come in different sizes.

 High-quality equipment

Scoop Hire Melbourne are a reputable company; you can rest assured that the equipment will be in top working condition and meet all of the required safety standards.

Whether you’ve a big project that requires an excavator or you are looking to expand the scope and services of your business, make the decision to choose Scoop Hire, I guarantee you will not regret it.

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