Dmitrij Lysjuk
by on December 1, 2020
We are pleased to share a selection of films collected on the basis of high ratings from viewers and film critics. Enjoy the big-budget, large-scale, bright and worthy of the most attention paintings, presented in a wide variety! Among the abundance of genres, you can find such legendary film projects as Steven Spielberg's poignant film "Schindler's List", Christopher Nolan's fantasy drama "Interstellar", the most successful French comedy of recent years "1+1", the incredible story of suburban teenager Marty McFly and crazy genius Emmett Brown "Back to the Future". All this, and other films from the list of the best films in the history of cinema on 123movies! Also, the film selection did not deprive the attention of the most recent and box office films of 2020 (“Dolittle”, “The Invisible Man”, “Invasion”, “Rhythm Section” and others). The list of available films on the site is constantly updated, representing an inexhaustible source of acquaintance with all the latest trends in the world of cinema! Don't miss out on your favorite movies!
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