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Xpadder Description

Xpadder simulates keypresses and mouse movements using a gamepad.

With Xpaddder you can play PC games with poor or no joystick support, add joystick support to DOS, emulated or internet games, or control video/music players, web browsers or any windows application.

A good few console gaming fans find it somewhat inconvenient to control PC games with a keyboard and mouse.

In contrast to PC gamers who can masterfully wield the aforementioned peripheral devices serving as the best weapon for crushing enemies and completing difficult missions.

Those who got used to playing on consoles often need their gamepads badly when confronted with the necessity to control games with a keyboard.

If you’re also feeling awkward controlling PC games with a keyboard, you should definitely pay your attention to Xpadder.

This handy utility has been designed with avid console gamers in mind. Though it’s not new, Download Xpadder still remains one of the best keyboard & mouse simulators available on the market.


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3.Works with All Windows versions

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Why Xpadder?

Gamepad controls are famed for being well-thought-out and exceptionally handy, which allows avid gamers to maximize their gaming experience and make the process of controlling games easier and more efficient.

Needless to say, lots of PC games, including browser and Flash games, would benefit from implementing gamepad controls.

But unfortunately, such an option remains unavailable to you due to the specific nature of some PC video games.

Of course, you can remap your keyboard keys and tweak mouse settings to your liking, but controlling your game will still feel different without a gamepad.

Don’t worry! There’s no need to give up on your intention to connect your brand new joystick or gamepad to the PC and start enjoying your favorite PC titles to the fullest.

You can take advantage of Xpadder, a handy keyboard and mouse emulation tool that will solve all your problems. You can get by with any older version that still can perform basic features of a keyboard simulation program.

Nonetheless, if you’re eager to enjoy the program in question to its fullest potential, don’t hesitate to opt for the paid version, which will enable you to control not only your games but also the video player and other types of desktop software.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a bunch of other handy features free versions cannot provide.

Installing Xpadder

Once you download the program onto your computer, you may proceed to install it. Double-click on the downloaded file and click next until Xpadder gets installed.

Just make sure your joystick or any other peripheral device wherewith you’re aiming to control your games remains connected to your PC during the installation process.

A word of warning! Not all users are equally well-versed in configuring and mapping controllers with keyboard simulators.

If you’re not sure you can cope with mapping on your own, we highly recommend that you avail yourself of the bundled-in controller and mapping file that will do the job for you and thus save you the trouble of tinkering with unfamiliar settings.

To do it, fire up your Xpadder and click on the “1” joystick icon. Then, Choose “Open.” Once you do it, you’ll be suggested to select the folder to save the new file. Make sure to choose the same folder you used to save Xpadder.

To launch the key mapping file click on the “2” gamepad icon and select the “Open” option again. From now on, you’ll be able to enjoy the default mapping.

An Independent Gamepad Solution

Xpadder was coded by an independent software developer. While it isn't free it is cheap and your money goes to support ongoing improvements.

The primary function of Xpadder is to map keyboard and mouse actions to your gamepad's buttons.

For example, pressing X on the pad can make the computer think you pressed the number 3 on your keyboard.

Some games don't support pads but do support keyboard buttons so this software solves that problem instantly.

Working with Windows 10 down to XP this is ideal if you have an Xbox or similar controller but have trouble getting it to work.

Xpadder Offers New Levels Of Customization For Your Gamepads

All PC and laptop gamers have had trouble with gamepads at some point. Usually, Windows or a certain game won't recognize the pad or certain button presses.

Xpadder is the solution to these woes making pads more compatible and even giving you ways to use your pads for other tasks.


Xpadder is a great tool that allows you to play your favorite games with your favorite controllers by helping you set up profiles that you can use when you play games and you want to use different controllers.

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