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by on December 2, 2020
Autobiographies discuss immediate experiences of authors’ lives. These are written by authors, and thus make a direct connection between the author and the reader, making the readers witness their lives. They make the readers see the ‘hidden’ side of their personalities. Though, autobiographies of famous people usually become the best seller and usually are the best. But fame is not the only thing that makes autobiographies the best. More important is what you learn from the book. A good-read autobiography must have stories and struggles whether professional or personal that motivate the readers and make a connection with the readers. One such autobiography is of Werner Erich Popp. In the book, “Silent Milestones by The Way [Through Life]”, Werner Popp nor discusses the rom-com love story of his life neither he portrays his life in a melodramatic way. Through his story, he wants to highlight the experiences that enlighten him and gave him a new perspective of life every time. Though the book Silent Milestones by The Way [Through Life] the author wants the readers to seek guidance and achieve inner enlightenment that leads to success. The book discusses the author's professional career in detail to inspire others who relate to the authors. Popp believes in being a realist and therefore through another book on astrology and proves his stance towards life and the science of astrology he has discussed in this autobiography. The book is a must-read for those who look forward to reading something unique about people and people who are interested in reading a biography of an astrologer. Thorough experiences of people who somehow relate to you on a professional or personal level make you learn a lot of people’s behaviors and the potential hurdles you may face in your life. About the Author Werner Erich Popp is a graduate of Public Management. He was born on 17 February 1944 in Buchau district, Karlsbad. Now Popp is a retired Chief Superintendent. In 1945, he fled to Fürth with his mother. Till 1969 he lived in Fürth and Nuremberg. Later he moved to Kiel and then to Wiesbaden and since 2011 he has been living in Stromberg. Popp studied Law and then worked as a consultant to local presidents at the LKA Kiel and BKA Wiesbaden and data protection for the police. In the 1980s he was offered the job of the ministerial director of planning and development of EDP by the Federal Intelligence Service. Werner Popp is an amazing author and his experience has taught him a lot about life and the science of life. His book, “Silent Milestones by The Way [Through Life]” is an amazing autobiography making readers witness the life of the author and his experiences which led him a successful. He has one more book under his name ‘How to Forecast Lottery Numbers by Astrology’ which serves as a wonderful insight into the world of astrology.
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