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by on December 2, 2020

Do you have pets like dogs or cats in your house? Then, you can almost certainly expect them to bring pests into the house whenever they come back from a walk or after playing outside. Pets can unknowingly accumulate a variety of insects and pests into their paws, nails, hair, etc. while playing outside. And when they enter the home, these pests can get on your floors, furniture and other areas wherever your pets go to.

Besides being annoying, this can actually be a seriously harmful thing as your furry friends can bring all kinds of harmful pests in your house and make your loved ones very sick. This is why it’s important to identify and deal with this pet-originated pest problem in your house as early as possible.

The first step is, of course, to identify the types of pests that your pets can bring into the house. Now, dogs and cats sniff around all kinds of garbage, dust, dirt and similar things during their outdoor activities. While doing this, they can come across all kinds of infections, bacteria, parasites, and even viruses, which get accumulated in their hair, nails and other body parts. Some of these parasites are so detrimental that they can make your pets as well as those around them sick in no time.

Read on to know about the common types of pests (parasites) that your pets can bring into your house/office, along with the best way to deal with them.

Types of Pests that your Pets can bring

1. Toxoplasmosis parasite

This kind of parasite commonly travels through cats. Cats can catch the pest when roaming out and around the house. From cats, the Toxoplasma gondii parasite can transfer to humans through touch and respiration. If the symptoms are mild, they can disappear automatically without causing any serious damage. However, the problem can be severe sometimes, which is why pest control is important when you have cats at home.

2. Toxocariasis parasite

This parasite is commonly found in the intestine of pets and can transmit through both dogs and cats. Infection from dogs is particularly dangerous and can affect all humans, especially children. In some cases, it can even damage the liver, lungs and other body parts. Getting proper and timely pest control and maintaining adequate hygiene are the best ways to deal with the problem.

3. Hydatid Disease Parasite

This parasite is also found in the intestines of dogs and can transfer to humans through the feces of an infected dog. When cleaning up pet feces or even when touching them, pet owners can get infected by this parasite. This can commonly result in hydatid disease in humans and may impact the liver, chest (pain), brain and bones. Timely treatment of pests is the most viable solution to deal with the problem.

4. Bacteria

Bacteria of all kinds can transmit infections from pets to humans. Common infections caused by bacteria on pets are salmonella and campylobacter. Both dogs and cats can transmit these and the primary source is pet feces.

How to deal with the pest problem caused by your pets

The best way to deal with the pest problem is timely and thorough pest control treatment. For this, you can hire the services of a professional Pest Control Provider or can do it yourself if you have the experience and resources for it.

The first step is to identify the problem through Pest Inspection. Keep checking your pet’s hair for germs/bacteria. Also, regularly check their neck and belly for fleas and other pests.

Besides pest control and treatment, ensure proper hygiene when dealing with your pets and cleaning their feces. Keep your pets clean, regularly comb their hair to remove fleas & bacteria and arrange regular medical checkups for them.

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