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by on December 3, 2020
In this case, the Back-end Web Developer is responsible for the back side of the application. Here, among the attributions we have the data processing, the communication of the application with the Database, servers and other validations. A Back-end web developer needs to have knowledge of the following programming languages: PHP, Java, C #, C, C ++, Ruby and Python. However, what is most valuable here is not the programming language in question, but rather, the professional's ability to interpret algorithms, as well as the knowledge he has about object-oriented programming, about the logic that involves programming, in addition to know how the database and servers work. Functions such as e-commerce, for example, when the data is recorded in the database, login to a system, online payment transactions where the data is encrypted, among others, are the responsibility of the professional back-end web developer. The Juniper Network Engineer focusses in support for Juniper network architecture, involved in implementing and providing technical support for networking topologies such as LAN, WAN as well as client internet applications. Juniper Engineers deliver on-site support for all client network hardware services. Know more information about the juniper careers.
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