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by on December 4, 2020
With increasing advancement in technology, the old concept of getting a warehouse or renting a bigger office for storage for keeping all essential documents and hung papers has gone. Now the idea of warehouse optimization and High Density Mobile Storage has built up. The density of the storage devices is determined with the number of items that can be stored in less volume and occupy less space. Moreover, the high-density storage solutions come up with the utilization of the spare spaces that can be turned out into warehouses that only transform the vacant spaces but also reduce the labor cost because they are automated systems. So here we will discuss some benefits of installing high-density storage devices to your warehouse:

Helps in you in storing space:

In the festivity period of the month, and sales promotions, the demands of the products are high. And due to spike in consumer’s order, the products are stored in excess to fulfill all the needs. And in those days the space of the warehouse often becomes limited. And if the warehouse storage isn’t enough to store all goods and enough density, then the productivity is drastically affected. So instead of investing in expanding your existing warehouse, it is easier to install high-density storage devices that come with vertical columns that will maximize the storage capacity.

Minimize the pick way:

The path for picking up the products should be less, as the more time the picker spends in finding the product in the warehouse, the lesser will he fulfill the shipment demands. The high-density storage devices are with a shorter distance from the picking path to the work station. This shorter distance will undoubtedly increase the productivity and efficiency of your work. Moreover, the high-density storage devices are with vertical columns that are condensed; they reduced the distance and made the shorter the length of the pick. So workers can pick more order per hours.

Picking more order per hour:

With the wrong strategy, the productivity and efficiency of the work got compromised. Most of the time, the worker won’t be able to find the product in the warehouse, and after rotating between the shelves, they claim that the product isn’t available in the inventory. This reduces the number of orders, the products that are available in the list are claimed to be short and unavailable. So if you install the high-density storage devices, the pickup time of the products will increase and become efficient. This will result in improved profitably overall.

Protection of the products:

With the hustle and bustle in the inventory during the work, hours cause significant damage to the products. And sometimes the loss become hard to avoid, so in that case, a permanent solution is needed for sure to minimize the loss. The high-density storage devices are with space cells that are covered and give protection to the products. These space cells do not only store the material form damage, but it also protects the products from dust, contamination and moisture. Moreover, the additional storage cells with side aid prevent the product from falling apart during the sliding of shelves. So these were few benefits of installing the high-density storage devices to your warehouses.
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