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An article is an engaging bit of writing intended to inform or convince. There are various kinds of articles, yet they are regularly characterized in four classifications: argumentative, expository, account, and distinct papers. If you are looking for a rhetorical writer you should know that a rhetorical analysis essay requires similar techniques and process from the writers.


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Argumentative and expository papers are centered around passing on information and clarifying focuses, while story and expressive papers are tied in with practicing imagination and writing in an intriguing manner. At the college level, argumentative papers are the most widely recognized sort.

An argumentative paper presents an all-encompassing, proof based argument. It requires a solid proposition statement—a plainly characterized position on your topic. Your point is to persuade the peruser of your proposal utilizing proof, (for example, citations) and investigation.

Argumentative articles test your capacity to research and present your own situation on a topic. This is the most well-known sort of exposition at school level—most papers you write will include some sort of argumentation.


  • The article is separated into a presentation, body, and end:
  • The presentation gives your topic and theory statement
  • The body presents your proof and arguments
  • The end sums up your argument and accentuates its significance



  • How-to or Process essay


It is one of the types of expository essay writing. It urges the students to explore the entire criterion involved in making a specific subject. It is the utmost duty of a scribbler to explore the hidden features or elements of the subject. The author must explain the entire subject in chronological or reverse chronological order in such a way as the readers can establish the same thing by following all the steps in sequential order. 



  • Compare and contrast essay


As its name indicates, this particular genre of expository essay requires a student to either look forward to finding the similarities between the two subjects or the differences among them or both. It is essential that both subjects may look different to each other apparently; however, they must fall under the same category.   

Furthermore, the time-frame must be the same while comparing or contrasting the two subjects. 



  • Cause and effect essay


It is another type of expository essay. In this essay, a student must keenly observe a particular situation or prevailing condition and then highlight the primary cause due to which a specific situation has aroused. Furthermore, a scribbler has to remain focused on finding out the main cause and the effects that are inextricably linked to the primary cause. 

This particular type of essay is also referred to as reasons and results in essay writing. 

Moreover, a teacher may ask its students to highlight the similarities only, differences only, or both between them.



  • Problem and solution essay


In this writing piece, an essay writer must critically analyze the problem highlighted in the topic's statement and then present its thorough solution before the targeted audience. Doing so is not a piece of cake. Instead, a scribbler has to bend over backward. It demands an essay writer to give a solid solution to the problem and prove its authenticity by providing vivid examples. If you are writing about argumentative essay you should know that a good argumentative essay examples will use facts and evidence to support the argument, rather than just the author's thoughts and opinions.

Students must learn the importance of post writing measures. Usually, the students consider proofreading, editing, and revising the entire writing piece a secondary job. As a result, minor mistakes like typos, errors related to commas, and punctuation marks can ruin students' entire writing efforts. Therefore, students need to focus on such important elements also.


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