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by on December 5, 2020

Engineering is one amongst the most sought after courses in India and also amongst the toughest. Students all over the country put their best foot forward to crack the various B. Tech admission exams. Some of the most important B. Teach entrance exams are JEE Mains and Advanced, BITSAT, COMED-K, VITEEE, Karnataka CET, Kerala KEAM, etc. There are also many branches in B. Tech, like B. Tech Mechanical, B. Tech Civil, B. Tech Computer Science, etc.

The preparation for these exams requires a balanced approach and a stringent routine. Here are some tips that would help you prepare for different B. Tech exams:

1. Make a Practical Time Table

Many students make over-ambitious time tables, which are hard to follow consistently. It is, therefore, recommended that students make time tables that can be followed regularly. Experts suggest that students should keep six to eight hours to study each day. Each hour of study should also be followed by a break of 15-20 minutes. This way, a student stays fresh and gets a mental space to retain all that has been learned so far. It is also important to take timely breaks to cut the monotony and boredom. Making a good time table gives an exact idea of the topics to be covered and the time that should get them allotted.

2. Seek Guidance from Teachers and Mentors

It is important to find teachers and mentors who would help you perform better in this journey of cracking the B. Tech admission exam. They will not only assist in clearing your doubts and explaining your academic concepts, but their motivational words and preparation strategies will also help you in acing your performance. Students should research various coaching classes and enroll in the one that would help them in their purpose. Then only it will be possible to remove the roadblocks in your entrance exam preparation journey.

3. Focus on Concept Clarity Rather Than Rote Learning

Concept clarity may seem like more time taking than rote learning for some students,  but concept clarity will ensure that you can attempt any question related to that field, even in the long run. One must memorize formulas, but their application should be based on conceptual clarity and not rote learning. There are many refreshers and informative videos available today that would help in making the concepts more clear. Apart from this, practicing different types of questions in the same chapter would help clarify the concepts deeply.

4. Prepare Notes

Preparation of notes can be a time taking process for some students. But making small and comprehensive notes of all the important formulas and concepts will come in handy at the time of revision. You would not need to go through the entire books and registers again; the notes would be sufficient and would make last-minute revision very easy and effective.

Thus, proper planning would help you get the desired score in B. Tech. admission exams.

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