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by on December 8, 2020
The job market is constantly evolving, but today it has been moving much faster. An example of this is the crisis of the new coronavirus , which raised the highest demand for areas with the greatest potential for remote work. After all, without a prospect of an effective vaccine for some time yet, many people want to find remote work in order to be immune (or as much as possible) to the pandemic crisis. In addition, the perspective is that many face-to-face jobs will be replaced by robots, with the creative areas remaining with people in remote work. So if you want to increase your employability in the future , you need to learn which areas have the greatest potential for remote work. Nowadays, large global companies already use Big Data analysis as a central part of their professional performance . In the future, then, this analysis will become increasingly common. MCITP Database Administrator job role involves designing and developing logical data models, create physical databases and create data services by using Transact-SQL. They manage, monitor and optimize databases. Administrators also play an important role in the installation and configuration of SQL Server. The big obstacle for the data analyst to be able to work from home today is the fact that it is not so common to have the computer necessary for this. To give you an idea, a standard data analyst on the market usually works with computers worth R $ 11,000 or more. However, as technology evolves , it is likely that analysts of the future will have cheaper machines and will be able to work remotely with the processing power to handle tons of data.
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