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Everyone who has a beautiful residence certainly craves a clean and tidy atmosphere without stains and odors. The one most frequently experiencing hygiene problems is the bathroom sector. Conditions that tend to be humid, because it is close to water, it makes stains that become crusts making it very difficult to clean, even though a fragrant bathroom without stains is important for homeowners because it can provide a sense of comfort from relaxation. Stains on the walls and floors of the bathroom are very difficult to clean, not all cleaning methods are effective in handling them. You can apply how to clean the bathroom floor as follows, and Don't forget to get quality mebel jati jepara at Misha Furniture Gallery.

1. A powerful and famous traditional move

First, how to descale the bathroom using citrus is quite effective in helping this problem. Citron is trusted and tested by many people to get rid of stains, of course it doesn’t necessarily disappear easily, you have to soak citron in warm water, then splash it on the stubborn stain crusts. Wait between half and an hour. You will see the crust dissolve with the citrus liquid, do it according to the procedure for maximum results.

You can also use an iron lint brush if the scale to be cleaned is thick and strong. Usually, sponge brushes cannot be used to clean this type of crust. However, when the thick crust is gone, do not continue to use this type of iron fiber because it can damage the texture of the ceramic. Use a soft sponge with soap / fragrance, after the thick crust is gone. This is to make the ceramic still look shiny.

2. How to clean the modern bathroom floor

In this modern or luxury type bathroom, you must use special cleaning equipment to clean it. The things you need are special cleaning gloves, a fine wiping sponge, a ceramic wiper with a handle and most importantly a special descaling and hotel grade deodorizer. Make sure that the tools are fully available to ensure peeling off the scale on the bathroom ceramic walls. Don't forget to get furniture such as kursi tamu, tempat tidur, meja makan and others only at the Misha Furniture Gallery.

Perform the cleaning steps according to the procedure, usually on the cleaning liquid label. This method is very careful to do because the shape and texture of the luxury bathroom interior materials are made from selected materials. If the cleaning fluid is not right, it could actually damage the ceramic.

3. How to clean bathroom floors naturally

Tips for cleaning bathroom floor tiles naturally can be done using lemon. The trick, cut a lemon in half, then rub the lemon on the crust on the tile floor. You can lose scale on stainless alone in this way, especially ceramics which fade easily. Surely the crust can be eradicated.

The next natural ingredient is vinegar. The acidic vinegar is believed to eradicate the crust, which is very difficult, the residue of mold, mildew, scale, and other impurities is guaranteed to disappear instantly by using this substance on your floor tiles. As a result, your floor becomes shiny clean.

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