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An argumentative essay is an interesting type of essay. It is commonly assigned to secondary school and college students. This type of essay uses strong facts and confirmation to support the claim or thought. Teachers assign an argumentative essay to students to analyze their abilities.


In this type of essay, the writer presents an argument about a particular topic. The essay writer decides the side of the argument, and it might be positive or negative.


The first step in writing the argumentative essay is to choose a good topic. In an argumentative essay, the decision of the topic plays a vital role. Numerous writing firms with ‘do my paper’ services make a mistake by choosing a helpless essay topic.


Here are some good topics for an argumentative essay that make your writing phase simple, and you can easily get good grades from your educator.


Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics


  • Schools must be free for the citizens.


  • Bullying in schools


  • Technology and social habits



  • Children's school execution


  • Journalism has diminished rewarding games.


  • The government should pay salaries to all medical consideration servants.


  • Corruption is one of the causes of joblessness.


  • Should capital punishment be outlawed?


  • Social media leads to isolation.


Funny Argumentative Essay Topics


  • Why do people have an abundant measure of mismatched socks?


  • Write my essay on why wouldn't you have the option to shop anyplace yet Wal-Mart?


  • Reasons to acknowledge smog.


  • Is golf really a sport?


  • The best students are those who never focus in class.


  • How to get dismissed on a first date?


  • Why smoking is in reality good for you


  • Why Amazon must be stopped


  • Do you love your surname?


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