Rose Lemke
by on December 12, 2020
Visceral fat, unlike subcutaneous fat, is located inside the body, but we can still see it, as it pushes the stomach out. This type of fat is extremely dangerous. We will tell you how to get rid of it. How to get rid of visceral fat? In a small amount, everyone has this fat, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. But accumulation in large quantities leads to hormonal disorders, obesity and other health problems. The reason for the appearance is a high-calorie diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to visceral fat, the body also deposits retroperitoneal and subcutaneous abdominal fat. But visceral is the most dangerous. This is an inert mass with a small number of capillaries, which does not participate in metabolic processes and is not used as an energy source. To rid the body of the habit of hoarding it, you need regular physical activity. Regular cardio forces the body to use visceral reserves as an energy source. How to get rid of it? The process of getting rid will be gradual, the body is very reluctant to part with internal fat reserves. These principles are necessary both at the stage of getting rid of, and after, so that the fat does not return again: proper nutrition. Replenish 911 Supplement for Weight Loss Sugars and light carbohydrates are replaced with slow ones. The menu should be full of whole grains, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits; dealing with stress. During chronic stress, the production of the stress hormone increases, which slows down the metabolic processes, we sleep less and eat more. The most natural remedies for stress are sports, walking in the fresh air, decoctions of chamomile and lemon balm; full sleep. It is necessary to control your appetite and speed up your metabolism. It helps to avoid caffeine in the afternoon, airing the room before going to bed and relaxing baths; the use of vitamin C. with its daily intake in sufficient quantities, the production of corticosteroids decreases, which retain fluid in the body tissues and provoke obesity; regular physical activity. You can get rid of subcutaneous fat at the expense of one meal without sports, with visceral fat this will not work. In this case, sport is not just a way to spend calories, but a mechanism for switching the hormonal system to work properly. How to get rid of visceral fat? How to train? Regular cardio is necessary to maintain the pulse in the fat-burning zone. For most untrained people, walking at a brisk pace is enough. It may not be safe to run, as the heart rate rises higher than required. There should be four training sessions per week lasting from 40 minutes to an hour. The first results will be noticeable in 1-2 months. at this stage, you can connect exercises aimed at the stomach and strength training. If the body weight is more than 85 kg, then you should give up running. It will become an unnecessarily high load on the musculoskeletal system, especially on the knees and spine. When combined with incorrect running techniques, this can lead to injuries. The load on the cardiovascular system also becomes too high. Resource
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